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Ashburnham Dog Breeder Demands Grieving Family Take Down Facebook Post About Sick Dog They Bought From Breeder Who Tried Not Giving Them A Refund


A Methuen woman whose family recently purchased a labrador puppy from a breeder in Ashburnham posted a heartbreaking story on Facebook Sunday, which has been shared over 20,000 times and counting.

Whenever someone posts something like this it’s heartbreaking, but it inevitably leads to comments from people who blame the victim.

We get it – you’re not supposed to buy from breeders. Unfortunately some people find out the hard way. In this case the woman’s 19 year old son wanted to get the family a dog, he used Google, he found her on a reputable website, and he paid her money for a cute dog. Now they know, so please, stop blaming the victims. Blaming people who buy from breeders like this is like blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt and drinking too much.

This breeder has a long and documented past. Click here and here to see all the complaints made against Patricia Beatrice. Here’s a small sampling.

Beware of this breeder ..Bought a puppy from pat at alluwee labradors and it has been diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia at 7 months old. Ofa chief of veterinary services confirmed the diagnosis and when he looked into her ofa certifications was unable to verify the certifications she claimed. Any reputable breeder would have immediately refunded the money as this is genetic. She had no concern or compassion. Simply stated she didn’t have to do anything. Horrible person let alone breeder. Do not buy anything from this person, she is dishonest and breeding poor quality dogs and selling at top dollar to unsuspecting families. Nothing but misery will come from dealing with this woman.

Until today she still had a link up on, advertising a litter of labrador puppies.

We spoke with Bronnie, the dog’s owners, and this is what she told us:

My son found the ad for the dog when he did a internet search for lab breeders in MA. He is 19 and drove out to her house with no ID… nothing. When he got there she wouldn’t let them in the house. He had to wait outside and she brought the puppy out. To an adult that would have been red flags, but she targeted a group of teenagers. He brought the puppy home and that night it had large alive worms coming out of him. I contacted the breeder via text and she told us she decided to deworm it the morning he was picked up and it was totally normal. 

The following day the worms were worse and the dog was lethargic. Again I contacted her and was told the worms wold stop and he was dehydrated. She said to get pedialyte, which I did. The dog seemed to perk up a little but now the poop turned into blood. The vet had him on an IV and medication. They kept him overnight as his levels were so low they were worried about a seizure. 

A few day’s later it all started again really bad. He was vomiting his feces and had uncontrollable diarreah. We took him outside and 10 inches of his intestines came out of his body. The vet told us it was neglect and we need to go after the breeder. The poor puppy didn’t have a chance. The surgery would have been 15k and she said he would be on a feeding tube the rest of his life and would always have terrible diarrhea. She said it would be a cruel life for a puppy she recommended we do NOT do the surgery.

The breeder accused me and she wanted an autopsy done. After we argued she agrees to mail me the cost of the dog back… and she did. But she said the vet bills were on us and it was our choice to take him to the vet. In fairness to her she offered to take the dog back but she made it clear it would be her choice to go to a vet and we tried to give him the best chance he had. We tired everything in our power. We also dewormed him but his whole body was filled and he didn’t have a chance. Even when his intestines came out, the blanket we wrapped him in had worms and worm eggs in it. The poor dog. 

I have been contacted by several people that have had bad experiences with her and I am sick over it. She wants the post removed and told me I am violating the contract that states I am not allowed to speak verbally about her or on the internet. So I am expecting to hear from hee since this post has gone viral. However, I did not sign the contract. 

She brought receipts, and it all checked out.

As mentioned above, Patricia’s daughter Brittanie posted a picture of the check they wrote on Facebook (very professional), which had Bronnie’s address on it. Bronnie asked them to take it down, but Brittanie told her that Bronnie that the contract forbade her from posting negative comments, even after their dog died shortly after purchasing it.

I’m not an attorney, but I have a hard time believing that a contract from a seller that says a buyer can’t share their opinions about the purchase of the product, isn’t a valid contract. If it was then every business in the world would have that provision. The fact that this would even cross their minds to put into a contract suggests that they’re not reputable in the first place.

Patricia also left a voicemail asking Bronnie to take down the Facebook post.

Here’s the texts between the son and Patricia, showing that the dog had medical issues the same day he bought him.

I’ve seen videos and pictures of their dog. It’s clearly not the same healthy looking dog she sent them in that text message. I saw videos of the dog with worms and blood coming out of his anus. He was much skinner than the dog in the picture too. This dog was infested with worms, and for the breeder’s response to be “pick up some dewormer at Petco” is unacceptable.

At first Patricia did indeed try to avoid giving them a refund for the dog, and instead wanted to give them a replacement puppy.

She just sold them a dog that died shortly after purchasing, and now she wants to make up for it by giving them another puppy she bred. I can’t imagine why any customer would object to that.

Eventually she agreed to refund them the money, but refused to cover any of the vet bills.

But she should’ve known there would be medical problems. You can’t tell me that she handed over a perfectly healthy dog that suddenly got sick hours after a new family purchased him.

At one point Patricia suggested it was Bronnie’s fault.

“I can’t control what you do with your puppy.”

She told them to go to Petco to fix the dying the dog she sold them. They went to the vet who told them that this was the breeder’s fault. Take some responsibility.

We couldn’t find a picture of Patricia or Brittanie, although we did find this on Instagram.

If you know who these people are and/or have pictures of them, or anything else to add to the story, send us a tip via Facebook at Turtleboy Sports Forever or email [email protected]

P.S. Dog breeding should be regulated just like hunting is in this state. Supply for dogs should never be allowed to be more than demand for dogs. So long as there are healthy puppies in need of adoption no one should be allowed to breed dogs and sell them for a profit.


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