Ashburnham Police Looking To Identify Elderly Coronabro Who Spit At 2 Women For Not Wearing Masks On Hiking Trail


Ashburnham Police are looking for a man who is perhaps the worst coronabro of all time, after he was filmed spitting on two women while sarcastically claiming to have COVID because they wouldn’t put on a mask in the middle of the woods on a hike. Watch.

What a toolbag.

Wearing masks outside is the least scientific thing ever. There’s no evidence that it works, nor are there any laws that force you to have them on. He had already walked by them and was on his merry way, but he just couldn’t get over the fact that two free women in a free country had the audacity to not join his mask cult. Imagine what a pathetic, mindless drone you have to be to walk around like this while on a hike in the middle of nowhere looking at one of the best views you’ll see in Massachusetts?

If you’re that afraid of a virus it’s really incumbent upon you to never leave your house, and don’t let anyone inside your house, including your wife, unless they quarantine for two weeks and provide three negative COVID tests. You’re more than welcome to have an irrational fear of a virus, but you don’t have a right to force everyone else to do the same.

It was at this moment that he decided that he could not just let it slide that other human beings weren’t as ridiculous and petrified as he chooses to be, and began turning around.

His poor wife knows how he can be when he doesn’t get his oatmeal in the morning, and attempted to calm him down. But poor Esther could not hold back this coronabro on a mission. He bravely removed his mask, knowing full well that he could contract COVID and die at any minute, just so he could walk towards the criminals not wearing masks and spit at them multiple times.

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That will show them!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – not one of these people is actually afraid of COVID, nor do any of them think masks work. Not one. If they were then they’d never leave their house. And if they did leave their house the LAST thing they’d do is approach anyone without a mask on. This has always been about submitting to authority and shaming those who don’t get in line. How dare anyone not be a mindless, brainwashed fuckpuppet like Grandpa Loogie over here.

Cops are still looking for this guy and remarkably he hasn’t been named yet. So I figured I’d throw it out there. If you know who he is please message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson (and follow the page) or email [email protected] We gotta start naming and shaming these people, because they’re holding our society hostage. They don’t get act like this and bully free people because they think they have some sort of moral high ground. They’ve already shut down our schools and businesses, but it’s never enough for them. And as much as I blame him, I also the media, politicians, and every other fraud who has perpetuated this insane fear mongering. This is what happens when you tell people that they’re bad people trying to kill everyone if they choose not to wear a mask.


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