Ashburnham-Westminster Teachers, Mental Healthcare Worker Want Children “Stomped” On Playground Because Their Dad Running For School Committee Opposes Indoctrination In Schools


This is Hanifa Nelson-Kamau, a mental health worker from Ashburnham.

The Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District like many districts has an upcoming School Committee election. Considering that so many local school committees chose to ignore the science and keep schools closed while allowing divisive and dangerous critical race theory to infest curriculums, many people who are upset with this have decided to run. In Ashburnham a man named Nate Comeau is challenging the incumbent named Winnie Kender, and because he took issue with the schools brainwashing children with left wing ideology he’s become rather unpopular in certain circles. All of this hatred towards Nate Comeau is coming from comments he made at an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Subcommittee meeting about why he didn’t like the clearly political LGBT flags flying in the schools. He starts talking around the 1:45 mark, and his comments were completely reasonable and fair.

At no point did he express any sort of homophobia, and he was clearly just against the schools pushing a political agenda.

But he’s received massive amounts of hatred and pushback from many people, including Hanifa, who recently posted in a town Facebook group that she was voting for Winnie Kender because she’s “gay as f***, black, and her life matters.” And we’re all very proud of her for that, but it was what she said inciting violence towards children that caught some people’s ire.

“If you are raising hate filled intolerant little bigots, I hope someone’s tiny freedom fighter stomps the mess out of them on the playground.”

Remember, these are the good guys. These are the people lecturing you about morals. They want your children stomped down on the playground if you’re a conservative and teach them not to subscribe to critical race theory.

The post was liked by a lot of people, including three public school teachers in the district – Briggs Elementary School 4th grade teacher Katie Sparks, Westminster Elementary teacher Mary Egan, and Westminster preschool teacher Dawn Ross.

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They didn’t just “like” a post advocating for physical violence against children, they LOVED it! Guess we know if you’re a Trump supporter whose child is in Katie Sparks class and she sees him getting beaten by a bunch of “freedom fighter” kids, she’ll stand there and applaud. If you post it on World Star she might love it too.

Mary Egan actually wants Nate Comeau to leave the school district and go back where he came from with his biracial children.

And Dawn Ross is really upset that this parent running for School Committee is concerned about “diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives,” which are always dog whistles for racism, discrimination, and segregation via critical race theory. I guess Nate had an issue with elementary school teachers openly having conversations with kids about transgender issues, which apparently makes him a bigot now.

This is Nate and his wife.

She attempted to defend him in the Facebook group and also got destroyed for doing so.

Nate, on the other hand, didn’t handle Hanifa’s threats to his children diplomatically.

Now they’re all clutching their pearls because a parent of threatened children treated a woman the same way she treated him.

The woke mafia is equally displeased, and isn’t buying his ineffective “I loaned money to my gay brother for his wedding” response.

They’re comparing him to me and my run for Wachusett Regional School Committee.

Being told that you shouldn’t be around children by someone like this:

Is a badge of honor.

I for one am shocked that the pink haired free spirit with the door knocker in her nose won’t be endorsing my campaign.

Then there was this guy.

He REALLY hates Turtleboy for exposing deranged Marlborough Elementary School teacher Jen Vacca.


It’s honestly a pleasure that everyone who hates what I do for a living looks the same. I’ve yet to see a single physically attractive person who doesn’t like Turtleboy.

Those people are all private citizens so they’re free to be ignorant and advocate for kids getting stomped on the playground. But the teachers who liked it should be held responsible for advocating for violence against their own students. It’s not very inclusive for a teacher to tell a parent that he needs to take his biracial kids and leave the predominantly white school district. Feel free to send a respectfully worded email to Ashburnham-Westminster superintendent Todd Stewart to share your feelings: [email protected] We won’t stand for that sort of racism and bigotry any longer.


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