Ashburnham Women Force Elementary School To Remove Graduation Parade Pictures, Fire Photographer Because One Parent Wore A Let’s Go Brandon Shirt


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This is Heather Couillard from Ashburnham.

She also has her pronouns listed in her bio and wants to let the world know that she doesn’t believe in God, but she IS vaccinated.

So she’s probably a better person than you are.

She’s also “pro-love,” which she demonstrates by telling people to shut the f*** up when they post things like “less hate, more love.”

She’s wicked anti-racist too, which is why she calls black women cunts on Twitter.

And tells them to shut the f up when they think independently and don’t vote for the political candidates (Democrats) that she as a white woman tells her she has to vote for.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how racist this one was?

“STFU you self-loathing black woman.”

Here you have a white woman who has gone out of her way to live as far away from black people as possible, identifying a woman as black like it’s some sort of insult, telling this black woman that she can’t talk anymore because her opinions aren’t the opinions that she as a white woman determined black people are allowed to have, and then excommunicating her from a community that Heather isn’t a part of.

Heather Couillard should never have a job, and she should be ashamed and embarrassed to show her face again in public. She is the face of white supremacy.

Last week Briggs Elementary School had a graduation parade for 5th graders that was photographed by a woman named Veronika Patty.

She took dozens of pictures of kids parading around in their parent’s cars and waving to the crowd. It was really nice, and only a very sick and deranged person would have a problem with that.

Obviously then Heather couldn’t allow this to happen. You may have noticed that the first parent in the parade was wearing a Let’s Go Brandon shirt, to cheer on our extremely competent, vibrant, and healthy commander in chief.

Nice shirt, but I like our Let’s Go Brandon gear better. Get your’s today in the Turtleboy Store by clicking here.

Heather Couillard is a lot of things, but dumb isn’t one of them. She went to Penn State.

She knows that LGB isn’t actually a cheer for a NASCAR driver, and in fact is code for those who express frustration and disapproval for Joe Biden. This sort of political expression in a free country can’t be allowed, so Heather commented on the photographer’s post.

Yea, why are they posting pictures of the parents of a 5th grader at a 5th grade graduation? The second he bought a t-shirt expressing his political opinions he gave up his right to be treated like a human being.

She couldn’t understand why his pictures were first.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because he was first in line at the parade. A self-described left leaning gay woman attempted to point this out, which brought out Heather’s cisgendered heterosexual privilege.

“A let’s go Brandon shirt is about hate.”

So says this woman:

They’re just such terrible, disgusting, evil people, and they think they’re the good guys. It’s amazing.

Heather believes in inclusivity, so long as you vote for the powerful millionaires that she tells you to.

How dare you not like Joe Biden! Sure, gas prices have never been higher, inflation is out of control, and the rest of the world thinks we are a joke. But we have this at least:

So that’s good.

The lesbian who didn’t have a problem with the shirt was a lot like Candace Owens – she renounced her right to her opinion the moment she didn’t go along with the correct narrative. Luckily Anna Weick, the “joy filled militant queer person,” was there to speak for lesbians everywhere.

Why do they always insist on looking like this?

And why do lesbians have such low standards? Half the population of lesbians looks like joy-filled militant Anna, and yet they have no problem finding chicks. At least gay men try to look pretty, and male.

Anna of course went to Wellesley, wants to empty the jails, got her Masters in “social innovation and sustainability,” uses they/them pronouns, and this got her a job at Harvard.

Cancelling the Dad in the LGB shirt wasn’t enough though. Heather also had to attack the photographer who did the unthinkable – take pictures at an event she was covering.

“At least enough people complained.”

Sure, the school caved and erased these priceless memories because a bunch of hysterical white women pretended to be offended by a parent’s t-shirt, but at least Heather was able to get what she wanted. After all a fifth grade graduation is really all about her, not about the kids.

P.S. If the guy was wearing an anti-Trump shirt, or something showing support for a communist group (BLM, Antifa, Pride), I wonder if they’d react the same way. LOL. Just kidding. Everyone knows exactly what they would do if the roles were reversed.


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