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Aspiring Burn Victim Rapper Runs Away With Missing 14 Year Old Palmer Girl, Posts Updates About Being In Love On Snapchat


Kate Peter didn’t bother alerting the public that her 14 year old daughter ran away from a mental health clinic, which is normally what you do when your child is missing. However, a Palmer mother named Katie Lackman did post on Facebook yesterday when her 14 year old daughter ran away with a man in his 30’s and was updating their adventures on Snapchat.

She was posting that her mother knew where she was and was being dramatic.

Not so sure about Mom.

Just sayin.

But according to the grown man who ran away with her he loves her and told people to “stay tuned” for where he brings her.

No, that’s not a bad filter. MC Extra Crispy’s real name is Jordan McCullen from Troy, NY, and he was a burn victim as a child. But he overcame the odds, went full hoodrat, is now an aspiring rapper who goes by the stage name “Loud pack,” and glamorizes selling mid-grade marijuana in upstate New York.

As you can see, he is absolutely killing it in life, accumulating at least $87 at one time.

I need that shirt, and I need it yesterday.

He certainly doesn’t let the fact that he’s shaped like a bong or uses bedsheets as doors get in the way of his rap super stardom.

It’s pretty hard to make a child burn victim unlikeable, but Burnie Sanders here found a way with Facebook posts like this gem.


He’s obviously in a good position to lecture others on how to attain success considering the fact that he helps aid and embed his runaway 14 year old girlfriends. In fairness, the girl from Palmer looks older than his last girlfriend.

A similar looking girl appears in his bedroom a couple months ago on a tik-tok looking malnourished and beat up by life.


Babe still watching this stupid bitch 🤷‍♂️🥱💯

♬ original sound – jordanmcculle

A few weeks ago he was driving around with one of these underage girls when a cop began following them. Naturally he forced her to record it, and when they came to a red light he began taunting the cop by yelling, “How’s my d*** taste?”


Answer – probably like a pot roast that got left in the oven for an hour too long.

When he finally got pulled over for speeding the officer attempted to be nice to him but was repeatedly told that he must polish Mr. Burns’ knob.

Shockingly this was not his first run in with the law.

Prior to running away with this girl from Palmer he wrote this pity party sentagraph about how he couldn’t find love at burn camp, so he was going to focus on making money instead.

And as you can see that worked out perfectly.

According to the mother the girl was returned yesterday and the police can’t arrest him because the daughter went willingly. I don’t know the whole story, but I do know that MC Extra Crispy is posting on social media today like none of this happened, and that any grown man in his 30’s hanging out with 14 year olds cannot possibly be up to anything good. Either way, if your teenage daughter is attracted to aspiring rapper burn victims in their 30’s and wants to run away with them, then you probably didn’t do a very good job parenting either. Just sayin.


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