Athol Court Officer Caught Twice In In One Year By Vigilante Predator Poachers Trying To Meet Up With 14 Year Old Boys For Sex


This is John Maroni from Athol.

Last year he was busted by one of those bootleg Chris Hanson iPhone guys called Predator Expose, trying to meet up with a 14 year old boy at the Cumberland Farms in Orange.

As you heard, he claimed that he used to be a cop, but according to commenters he was or is a court officer in Orange.

They met on Grindr, where the the poacher with the camera pretended to be a 14 year old boy, and John is a regular.

The problem is that in the chat logs they never agreed to have sex, and John specifically said that 14 was too young.

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But if you can come up with a reason that isn’t sex, for why a grown man would meet up with a 14 year old boy he met on an app where you go to meet people for gay sex, then I’m all ears.

If he was there to meet up with a 14 year old boy for sex he dodged a legal bullet. You’d think that he’d take a break and maybe not be a pedophile online for a bit, but this week he got caught by our old friend Jay from the Leominster Predator Poachers, and this time he did explicitly agree to have sex with a 14 year old boy in writing. For the first time I’ve seen another civilian who happened to be walking by jumped in and started threatening the diddler.






Why do they always look like this?

And why do they never get dressed up? I don’t know why that bugs me so much. If you were trying to meet up with an adult for sex, wouldn’t you shower, shave, and try to put on something decent? Seriously, do these perverts think that because they’re kids that they have no standards?

This guy is one of the most dangerous kind of predators because he understands the law and tries to be slick. Usually they go on the defensive when they get caught, but this dude realizes that the people holding the camera are just civilians so he tries to intimidate them, just like he did in Orange.

“Do you have a license to investigate?”

He’s trying to make the cameraman think that they’re the ones violating the law by catching him. No, he doesn’t have a license. But he does have a YouTube channel with almost 70,000 subscribers, which is a lot worse for you pal.

He tried playing the “I was there to talk you OUT of gay sex” card, just like he did in Orange. But that card doesn’t play when the person you think is a child calls you sexy and you say “thanks,” and then when the person you think is a child asks you what you’re going to do in the apartment you say “whatever you want.” These aren’t things you do or say when you’re trying to talk a child out of sex.

He tried pulling the “You misinterpreted my messages and I never agreed to have sex with a 14 year old” card too.

“I would never have sex with a 14 year old”

See how he slipped in “with 21 above?” This isn’t his first kiddie rodeo. Unfortunately for him he also said he likes deep throating, thought the person he was speaking with was 14, and made sure his parents weren’t home so he could meet the child at his apartment. What possible reason is there for a grown man to meet a child without parental supervision after telling them they’re cute and bragging about giving deep throat? And what kind of grown ass man constantly finds himself in the position of meeting 14 year olds on gay sex dating apps?

Then this psychopath started texting Jay in a panic after he left, lecturing him about how the police should’ve been there, and claiming that he used to be a P.I.

After that he bragged about how he had gotten people like Jay kicked off the Internet before, and that he was the one who was going to the police because Jay broke the law by filming him on YouTube.

He then rambled on about how he was the victim because the other guy threatened him, and said he was going to sue Jay.

Predators like this are the worst kind because they’re so arrogant and cocky. He got caught before and was so confident that he could talk his way out of any situation that he kept doing it. But now he’s on Predator Poachers and Turtleboy, so I don’t think he’s quite so confident any more.



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