Athol Pot Dispensary Owner Threatens To Kill Former Employees And Their Family On IG, Used BLM Activism And Equity Reparations To Cut The Line For Licensure


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This is Seun Adedeji, the owner of Elev8 cannabis dispensary in Athol.

Adedeji is a Nigerian “dreamer” immigrant, in that his parents came here illegally when he was 3 years old and he got to stay because this is not a serious country.  He recently moved to the Western Massachusetts area from Eugene, OR, where he opened his first Elev8 dispensary. He claimed that the pot market there was saturated and wanted to open up new franchises in a state like Massachusetts where weed had only recently become legalized. Opening a dispensary takes lots of capital, time, and luck, but he somehow managed to open his Athol business in 2020, and made plans to open up locations in Orange and Williamstown. He recently thanked Town Manager Shaun Sukhoski for green lighting the opening of the dispensary in town.

He knows how to rub elbows with politically connected people, and has been trying to open up a dispensary in Illinois, meeting with Governor JD Pritzker and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

Adedeji is active on social media and uses it promote his business. However, a recent post on IG reportedly got him as he stood outside his shop threatening to kill former employees and their family members.

Is he going to dog you if you f*** with him? That wasn’t clear after watching that for 5 minutes.

“Boy I’ll put a bounty on you. I’m from the street n***a!! If you EVER f*** with my business, I’M a dog you!! I’m a dog you!! I’m a f*** you!! I will dog you!! BANG, BANG!!! I’m a n****a bro!! “I will kill you!!! I will come from everybody!! Your whole family tree! I will BAM, BAM, BAM!! You f*** with me you f*** with the wrong n***a!!

Mr. Adedeji, if I show up to your business and cause problems, will you dog me?

I’ll take that as a yes.

Apparently this man never finished his degree from Say It Don’t Spray It University

I’ve seen rabid coyotes that drool less than that man. The who purpose of legalizing weed was to avoid people like this. We didn’t wanna call the shady guy in Webster with the neon lights in his apartment and bed sheets for curtains. But he seems better than the Nigerian illegal immigrant who says he’s going to murder my whole family if I look at him the wrong way in his pot shop.

There are no court records in Orange District Court for anyone with the name Seun Adedeji or Sean Adedeji. However, according to a guy on Facebook named Grant Smith Ellis, who documents marijuana news from around the country, Adedeji was arrested by Athol Police for failing to show up for a court hearing to review his probation as part of a plea deal for another case he made in October. (Nothing under his name comes up in any court records for Orange District Court). Smith Ellis spoke with a former manager of Elev8 named Joseph Queen, who claims the threats in the video were directed at him.

A woman named Tasneem Mitchell, who met Adedeji through networking in the cannabis industry, also alleged in a viral October LinkedIn post that he sexually harassed and assaulted her following a series of inappropriate texts and phone calls. She urged the CCC to revoke his license but they never did.

On top of that former employees have accused him of sleeping with staff, locking them in the store against their will under threat of being fired, manipulating security footage, vowing to only hire strippers with big asses, threatening to fight staff, and much more.

Around this time he made an IG post stating that all missing money would be taken out of the paycheck of the General Manager (who claims the threats in the video were directed at him), and warned potential applicants to “think carefully” before applying for the job. He said that any employee who made a mistake would “see the other side of me and I promise you will not like it.” Oh, and sexual harassment will only be allowed if its consensual, and he encourages employees to marry each other.

Meanwhile, if you’re an employee who is “against” him, you won’t be fired, but you will be put on minimum wage and given little to no hours of work.

Seems like a nice place to work if you don’t mind working for a dangerous psychopath who gropes women and flagrantly violates labor laws. You would think that someone who has spent his entire life here illegally would be a little more compassionate towards the working class, but I guess not.

According to an email from the CCC they were aware of all the allegations made against this man, who is clearly mentally unstable and should not be running a business with employees, but they’re not doing anything about it.

So how was someone like this able to open up dispensaries in three states in a highly regulated industry? Three words – diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Remember in June of 2020 when communist mobs were burning down American cities and white people were shining black people’s shoes and humiliating themselves in order to prove that they were one of the “good ones”? White people were told that the best way they could stick it to Derek Chauvin was to shop at black owned businesses, which were promoted heavily at the exclusion of other local businesses. In Eugene, Adedeji saw this outpouring of white guilt and realized he could capitalize off it. He was constantly posting about how white people could show their support for George Floyd by buying pot off of him.

Ayanna Pressley, AOC, and loads of other Democrat politicians have pointed out that black people were disproportionately incarcerated for marijuana offenses, and that the best way to right this historic injustice was to make sure that black people were able to cut the line when it came to opening up weed dispensaries.

“According to an industry trade publication, 73 percent of cannabis executives in Colorado and Washington are male, 81 percent are white,” said Ocasio-Cortez during the February hearing. “In the state of Massachusetts, just 3.1 percent of marijuana businesses in the state were owned by minorities, and just 2.2 percent were owned by women. Is this industry representative of the communities that have historically [borne] the greatest brunt of injustice based on the prohibition of marijuana?”



Former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson, a close friend and political connection for BLM fraudster Monica Cannon-Grant, used this same argument to make sure he cut the line in Boston’s cannabis industry. 

Minority entrepreneurs and residents of neighborhoods that have been disproportionately hurt by the war on drugs. Those are people and places the new law was supposed to help. The law mandates equity programs to bring them into the business. Take Mattapan, for example. More than 90 percent of the neighborhood’s residents are nonwhite. Three-quarters are black. The state says Mattapan residents were disproportionately arrested for possessing and selling pot when it was illegal.

“We have thousands of young people from this neighborhood and neighborhoods across the city who look like me who went to jail over this,” says former Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson.

Jackson is awaiting approval for the dispensary from the city and the state. If he gets approved, he’ll be a rarity. So far, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission has given provisional licenses to only two businesses that reported they’re owned by minorities. That’s out of a total of 118 licenses for marijuana businesses. The commission reports the vast majority of people who have completed applications for recreational dispensaries are white. It’s looking at ways to supplement its equity programs, including no-interest state loans and a more streamlined application process.

The cannabis industry is a lot like the craft beer industry in that it’s mostly white hipster investors who are applying to open businesses. Tito Jackson, who has never been to jail for anyone marijuana-related offenses, is using his perceived victim status as a black man to cut the line in order to right the wrongs for a drug war that has never affected him personally.

Seun Adedaji is basically Tito Jackson with more drool and less tact. When he was in Oregon, Sean was one of the most vocal leaders for protests in Eugene. His message was clear – “America is racist, but you can make it a little bit less racist if you buy pot from me instead of the white guy down the street.”

Seun Adedeji, 27, is the youngest African American man to own a cannabis dispensary in the United States. In Eugene, he’s the only African American person to own a dispensary — period. The adversity Adedeji faced before his first four successful years in business is almost that of fiction, but illustrates a nightmarish reality for many Black Americans. In the United States, roughly 99% of licensed dispensary operators are white, found an investigation by Buzzfeed News. Adedeji most recently spoke about his trials and triumph as an African American business owner at a June 13 march in Eugene. 

“What happens after the protest?” Adedeji asked the crowd on the 16th consecutive day of local protests.

“There is a huge wealth gap due to the lack of ownership,” Adedeji said. “When Black businesses get started, they’re underfunded, so it’s not just about African Americans shopping at other African American businesses — we need our partners in arms who sees this injustice to step up.”

Adedeji became his own banker, lawyer and real estate agent — what he calls the “COE,” or Chief of Everything. His day job and longtime friends slowly funded his dispensary dreams before he committed to moving to Oregon, a state that doesn’t require residency for dispensary operations. He established his first location — which cost him “an arm and a leg” — in 2016 at age 21. On his opening day, he only had six products, which he sold on commission. Another dispensary told him he wouldn’t make it, and he worried that he’d fail before he even got started.

In a hilarious twist of his events his business ended up getting broken into and looted during those same “peaceful protests.”

This month, two men broke into Adedeji’s Elev8cannabis dispensary on Oak Street. Ironically, they smashed and looted the business that passes out cards of affirmations and encourages the community to share positive notes written on the dispensary’s chalkboard walls.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Seun probably knows who did it, that his losses were covered by insurance, and that the publicity he got from being a black victim and civil rights leader during a time when white people were desperate to give their money to the first black person who could make them feel bad, was ultimately good for him. Coincidentally there was a GoFundMe started that raised more than $10K as well.

Within three days of the burglary, the shop had raised more than $10,000 to repair the damages on a GoFundMe account started by employee Kyree LeDoux. Other customers brought flowers or cards and cannabis vendors donated product to help replace what was stolen.

TILT Holdings Inc. (“TILT” or the “Company”) (CSE: TILT) (OTC: SVVTF), a global technology and infrastructure company engaged in research, development, manufacturing and sale of a broad range of products for the cannabis industry, announced today the official launch of its Cannabis Inclusion Program (“Program”) empowering and supporting license holders in legalized cannabis markets. This program is designed to help support those individuals that have been disproportionately punished by cannabis laws in the past, including the Controlled Substances Act.

“TILT is the only institution I’ve encountered that is eager to lend capital to minorities. TILT provides a solution for under-capitalized license holders to become successful business owners well beyond the money they extend,” said Adedeji. “Through the implementation of technology, tools, and resources, guided by people with great track records, TILT provides a roadmap for success that otherwise wouldn’t be available.”

Another member of TILT’s Program is Tito Jackson, former Boston City Council member, mayoral candidate and owner of Verdant Medical. In addition to participating in TILT’s Cannabis Inclusion Program, Jackson is also helping TILT identify other applicants across MA who can benefit from the Program.

“We negotiated this deal for 8 months. I met Tito Jackson, former Boston City Council Member and CEO of Verdant Medical Inc., while I was in Boston speaking and educating people about cannabis. He was impressed by the level of education I had about the cannabis industry, and we became close,” said Adedeji. 

Since opening his business Adedeji has gotten lots of positive press from the local media. He’s been highlighted in several national publications as the youngest black dispensary owner in the country, and for only hiring black people to be on his executive team. Although now that he’s threatening to kill their families he has to take what he can get.



Plus the fact that it’s Athol, where almost everyone is white and hardly anyone is willing to work.

Seun Adedeji is representative of everything that is wrong with the DEI Industrial-Complex. This man is the Nigerian prince scammer if he turned into a weed salesman. He only has a dispensary because he’s a professional scammer who knows how to use his race and immigration status to grift from rich white liberals. Ironically he appears to be a Trump supporter now.

When you couple that with the poor working conditions, the abandonment of equitable hiring practics, and threats to kill a whole bunch of people, it appears that the gravy train might be coming to a halt.



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