Athol Woman Posts On Facebook That She Hates Her Child And Wishes She Never Chose To Keep Them


This is Amber Guilmette from the Orange-Athol metropolitan area.

She is the mother of 2 or possibly 3 young children, although the details remain unclear.

The other day on Facebook she decided to announce to the world that she hated at least one of her kids and regretted giving birth to them.

In case anyone thought she was just venting and posting things she didn’t mean out of frustration or because she was having a bad day, Amber doubled down several times to reiterate that she does in fact hate her own spawn.


Because privately venting about your child being ungrateful for their crocs and publicly announcing to the world that you hate your child for existing altogether are pretty much the same thing.

“People can hate their kids and that’s fine.”

Ummm…it’s really not though. We can get mad at our kids sometimes, but Amber has made it clear that she truly finds her offspring revolting and wishes they were never born. The fact that you think that’s normal explains why you think that having blue hair is a good idea.

Anyone who offered her advice or criticism was a fatty or ugly ass, and Amber told them that she will post “whatever I f***ing want.”

Yes, you do say what you want Amber. But when you do that you run the risk of ending up on Turtleboy, and I get to say what I want then. Now here we are, and get to express my opinion that you are the lowest form of life possible, and I hope the government forces you to close your fallopian funbox with a stapler.

She took a lot of flak for her post and follow up comments, and in a last ditch attempt to rationalize what she had said and get people to feel sorry for her she posted this:

Wait….what? She hates the kid because she can’t ice skate due to an alleged brain injury? Pete Frates helped raise his daughter from a wheelchair with ALS, but you can’t be a parent because you can’t teach the kid how to play hockey?

“For some reason I took that baby home.”

That baby is your son or daughter, and the reason is presumably because you loved them. Although at this point you appear to be a deranged psychopath, incapable of loving anyone but yourself.

It’s unclear if she even has custody of any of her kids.


Finally Amber’s mother Tammy and her cousin chimed in.

That’s an Athol pedigree if I’ve ever seen it.

If Amber would like to come on the Live Show this week to share her side of the story she is free to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].


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