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Attleboro Man Raises Over $3,500 For Friend’s Funeral, Refuses To Give Money To Grieving Family, Says He Wants To Use It To Get Budweiser Tattoo


Editor’s Note: Justin Bombardier has agreed to come on the TB Live show this Saturday night at 9 PM to defend himself. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This is Justin Bombardier, a bootleg MMA fighter from Attleboro.

I just can’t get into a sport where men in speedos recreate their favorite Brazzers scenes. Then again Justin is the kind of guy who takes deep soulful selfies and then uses the black and white IG filter just in case any girls got the impression that he was straight.

Justin’s friend Christopher Vassalotti of Norton died suddenly over the weekend and Justin started a GoFundMe for his family to cover the funeral expenses.

They ended up raising over $3,500, and when the family went to ask him for the money Justin informed them that he’d be keeping part of it to get a Budweiser tattoo. I’m not even kidding – this douche whistle told a grieving family member that he wasn’t going to give them money he raised by using their dead loved one’s name, because he didn’t feel like they needed all of it. At first he played dumb by saying he couldn’t figure out how to withdraw the money (it’s extremely easy), but then told them he had 90 days to raise as much money as he could.

That’s not how fundraisers for funerals and wakes work pal. You get them the money before the funeral and the wake so they can pay for it.

Instead of handing over the money he had raised to the family he told them to basically give him an invoice for how much a wake costs so that he didn’t overpay them, and that way he could use what was left over to get himself a Budweiser tattoo. The worst part is he played it off like doing so would honor Christopher.

How is this real life? This maroon actually thinks it’s his money. Newsflash – not a single dollar in that GoFundMe belongs to you. You’re not special. Nobody donated their hard earned money so that you could charge a fee in order to pay for your white trash tattoo. The fact that he sees nothing wrong with this is mind boggling.

He then told the family member that he was lucky to get anything, and that it wasn’t Justin’s fault it blew up.

“Im not just gonna hand you every dime.”

Yes. Yes you are. That is exactly what you are going to do.

Then he started haggling over prices of flowers.

You’re OK with that?

You’re getting taken advantage of?

“You’re not having me pay for the whole thing?”

Bruh, you’re not paying a dime, because again, none of that money ever belonged to you. Just shut up and give them all the money. It’s really that simple. Attempting to profit off of your friend’s death and then calling the family greedy for wanting the money you raised might be the lowest thing I’ve ever blogged about, and I do this for a living. The GFM has now been taken down, but let’s hope he’s banned from the funeral and the wake so that no one has to see his pathetic face pretending to comfort a grieving family. Christopher deserved better friends than this during his time on earth.


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