Attleboro Mother Arrested For Stabbing Woman To Death Posted Links About The Killing On Facebook Before Being Charged


WPRIPolice continue to investigate a violent altercation at an Attleboro apartment that resulted in the death of one woman and the arrest of another. No one has been charged yet with stabbing Kimberly Duphily, 28, who later died from her injuries at the hospital. But Kayla Cantu, 20, was arraigned Monday on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after prosecutors say she slashed Duphily’s husband in the face with a knife as he approached the two women who were fighting Friday afternoon outside their Leroy Street apartment.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Mohan told the court the fight was “allegedly over stolen money and drugs.” Cantu eventually ran off and encountered a police officer working detail on Bicknell Street, whom she told she had been stabbed, according to Mohan. When first responders arrived at the apartment, they found Duphily’s husband and others rendering aid to Duphily, who had been stabbed twice. She was rushed to Sturdy Memorial Hospital along with her husband and Cantu. Cantu did suffer knife wounds to her hands that required stitches, Mohan said, but he told the court that was likely due to the knife slipping in her hand. Cantu’s defense attorney asserted that she was the victim of a stabbing and had cooperated with police following the incident.

Cantu was ordered held on $25,000 bail, and also held without bail for up to 60 days​ after a bail revocation motion was allowed by the court. The Bristol County District Attorney’s office said she was previously out on bail in a separate assault case. Cantu’s lawyer pleaded for lower bail, not only arguing her innocence, but also saying her brother died recently and his wake was being held Monday night. The judge ultimately denied the request due to probation violations.

Note to self – don’t stab two people to death when already on probation if I have plans to attend dead brother’s Monday night wake.

In hindsight this meme she posted on her Facebook page is pretty appropriate all things considered.

Or course Stabby Wambach has a child of her own who she does not have custody of, because slicing women up over debts is obviously more important to her than being a mother. Luckily that kid will now avoid the Kate Peter school of parenting thanks to the impending incarceration, so the baby is the only winner here.

Ever since she went full Swedish Chef on two people Kayla has been posting away on Facebook with some of the most ironic posts ever.

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Another note to self – if I ever stab someone and have several days to clean up my social media before being arrested, make sure not to share quotes from pages called “gangster memes” on Facebook.

Oh, and don’t post about the murder either.

Or try to frame the guy you stabbed.

Also, “I just met her” isn’t the rock solid defense that you think it is, especially in sentagraph form.

The bottom line is that you have achieved peak ratchet if you get denied bail during rona. They’re letting rapists, pedophiles, and ax murderers out. But I was in Attleboro District Court six months ago and can tell you from experience that the judge there is very fair, and very wise, so good for him for keeping Vanilla Slice locked up before she could get another stab at freedom.



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