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Attorney/Clown/Firefighter/Priest Mike Cupolli Gets Caught Trying To Meet 15 Year Old Boy For Sex In Worcester, Attacks Pedo Poacher, Ratchetry Ensues


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This is Attorney Michael Cupolli.


He lives in Shrewsbury, but his last listed practice is in Manchester by the Sea. He has good reviews and does divorces, domestic law, criminal defense, personal injury, contracts, wills, and other legal things.


A wedding website from 10 years ago, in which he was a groomsman, points out that he has a flair for things local, and pursued a Masters of Divinity.


His LinkedIn bio says that he’s a volunteer firefighter in Manchester by the Sea, and that he attended the seminary for four years while practicing law.


He was also an Episcopal priest and a clown.


His online dating profile lists him as dom, dtf, hairy, daddy, rough, and bb (raw dog preferred).

What do you get when you cross a hairy lawyer, a priest, clown, and raw dog?

The answer is of course, a pedophile.

Last week Mike was on the Grindr app looking to get laid, which is wonderful. But the problem is that the guy he tried to bang was a grown man named Jay from Massachusetts Predator Poachers, and he was doing what he always does – pretending to be a 15 year old boy in order to lure and shame pedophiles.

Initially Jay told him that he was 16.


To his credit, Mike said he was looking for an actual grownup. But then he decided to ask for the kid’s pictures and tell him how sexy he was anyway.

Since Mike is an attorney he knows that the legal age of consent in Massachusetts is 16, so although it’s incredibly creepy for a 42 year old man to try to hook up with a 16 year old, it’s not against the law.

Mike was actually at the hospital waiting to be seen when he figured it would be a good time to make arrangements to have sex with a teenager.


Took him all of 10 seconds to ask for dick pics and brag about his own girth.

Bruh, you’re sitting in a hospital waiting room. Calm down.

Father Fingerblast was literally down for anything. Top, bottom, blow, receive – didn’t matter. Trigger warning – gets graphic here.


He thought this kid who couldn’t be older than a high school junior, lived with his Mom, so he invited him over his house.


Then they switched to cell phones and he told the teenager that he “likes to offer myself to guys looking to experiment.”

Translation – I like teenage virgins.

Then he started sending pictures, and he chose the creepiest images possible.


The teenager wanted to practice safe sex, but the Bunghole Badger told him he’d let the kid raw dog him and drop off a load of choad butter. Then things changed when the kid told him that he was actually 15.

He knew the law. Sixteen is legal, but 15 isn’t.

So he walked away right? Nope.

They could meet up, just not for sex. Because it’s completely normal for a horny man to meet up with a strange 15 year old he met on a hookup app and play video games.

The “we can’t have sex because you’re 15 and I don’t wanna break the law” thing lasted about as long as Mike would’ve if he actually got a chance to bang this kid. Next thing you knew he was giving him advice on how to consume gay porn, which inevitably led to him not caring that the kid was actually 15 and making plans to bone.

Keep in mind, he thinks he’s saying this to a 15 year old, which he himself recognized was illegal.

The Bunghole Badger started asking when the kid’s Mom was leaving so he could get his nut off. They made plans to meet at the Price Chopper in Worcester across the street from Elm Park.


This particular pedophile was extra creepy, and specifically asked the 15 year old to wear mess shorts with no underwear so he could see his chub, before talking about how big his cervix scraper was.


This dude was literally sitting in a waiting room at UMass Hospital getting turned on by male nurses and asking a 15 year old to send him dick pics. He just kept getting hornier and hornier the longer he waited.


Finally his appointment ended and he agreed to meet up. But he told the kid he didn’t have much time so he’d have to get him off real quick before heading home to do lawyer stuff.


The best part was that he was so horny, and couldn’t wait a minute longer for the chance to have sex with a child, that he didn’t have time to fill the empty gas tank of his Porsche.


Mike agreed to walk in the park to meet up with the teenager, and was wearing a gay pride MLB shirt. Unfortunately for him he realized he wasn’t gonna get a chance to take a 15 year old boy’s virginity when a 38 year old Puerto Rican man with a Go Pro showed up instead. Usually in these videos the pedophile either tries to talk their way out of it or just runs. But the Bunghole Badger got aggressive and tried to assault Jay a couple times, including inside the Price Chopper. The whole thing lasted 5 minutes, but it was what happened afterwards that made this one of the most entertaining pedo catches of all time.



Sometimes you almost feel bad for these guys because they’re so pathetic. But this chomo with the firefighter plates was just too easy to hate.

He was cocky, demeaning, and tried to lecture Jay about the law.

“Only cowards wear masks.”

Dude, you told a 15 year old boy that you wanted to taste his salty cum while his Mom was at work. I assure you that he’s not the coward here.

“Do you know it’s illegal in Massachusetts to film?”

“You don’t have permission to videotape me or record me.”

No, it’s actually not. But you knew that because you’re a lawyer. You were just hoping the guy with the camera was dumb enough to believe that he could be intimidated by you. I’ll tell you what is illegal though – making plans to meet up with a 15 year old boy for sex.

He got out of there real quick after getting busted, and that’s when the real show started. Normally these happen in hillbilly towns so not much is going on. But this guy wanted to meet at one of the ghettoest liquor stores in the shithole of Worcester, which meant that other ratchets would likely involve themselves. Enter Senorita Swallows.


She was mad about the fact that Jay got attacked by a pedophile and likely had no clue what was going on. But because she’s probably never left Worcester before and thinks a vacation getaway involves barbecuing at Indian Lake, her and the latest guy who’s stuffing her were required to make a scene, defend the pedophile, accuse the predator poacher of targeting the Bunghole Badger for wearing a gay pride shirt, and try to fight everyone.

Granted, I think Jay could’ve handled that better (did he mention enough times that he caught the police chief in Stow?), but he’s from Fitchburg so this is what you get. Maybe he’ll join us on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM to discuss. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in.


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