Auburn Mom And Transgender Son Arrested For Spitting On Cops Investigating Stabbed Dog In Trailer Blames 14 Year Old Son For Killing Pooch, Accuses Police And DCF Of Corruption, Admits She Misled Investigators


This is Michelle Rodgers from Auburn.

The Pink Haired Poochie Coochie is a mother of 4 who lives in a trailer park with her 3 remaining kids and her dog Bruno. At least she did, until she was arrested last week with her transgender son Jacob for spitting on Auburn police officers who turned her trailer into a crime scene when they found Bruno stabbed to death inside.

Two Auburn residents were arrested after they allegedly assaulted and spat on officers that were working to investigate a dog that was found stabbed in the head at their home. Officers responded to 113 Washington Street shortly after 9:00 p.m. for a report of a stabbed dog. The officers arrived to find the dog with a kitchen knife plunged into the side of its head “clinging to life.” When Michelle Rodgers, 44, and Jacob Rodgers, 20, returned to the residence, they assaulted and spat on the officers in an attempt to gain entry to the home that was in the midst of being turned into a crime scene. The pair were arrested for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. Neither is facing charges related to the killing of the dog as of yet, according to Auburn police. The incident remains under investigation by Auburn detectives.

Normally the headline “Pink haired trailer park welfare Mom and transgender son get arrested for spitting on cops for investigating why their dog was stabbed in head” would fulfill our ratchet quota for the day. But over the weekend she decided to go on Facebook (after changing her name to Phillips Shelley), proclaim her innocence, accuse APD of filing a false report against her, and announce that no one actually killed the dog.

I’m sure this is a complete misunderstanding and there is a perfectly good explanation for how her dog got STABBED IN THE HEAD! Although I must’ve missed the part where APD contradicted themselves in the police report. It says that Michelle and her clan of transgender offspring woke up the whole trailer park while screaming and spitting on police.

She waived counsel and ended up agreeing to pay a $50 fine, so that part was true.

But the fact remains that her dog was found stabbed to death in the head in their trailer, and the police are still investigating why that happened. Perhaps her distrust of the police comes from the fact that she has an assortment of Google trophies, including disturbing a school, resisting arrest, and a bunch of small claims and evictions.


Then to clarify exactly what happened she decided to to blame her 14 year old son for stabbing the dog in a Facebook post (now deleted), claimed that he only did so in self defense, and admitted to purposely misleading the police investigation in order to save her son from being charged with a felony. She then cranked it up a notch by turning on the CAPS LOCK and announcing that she was ready to tell her whole story about the Auburn Police harassing her since 2012.

Sometimes you just have to admit in a Facebook post that you committed a crime that you haven’t been charged with yet in order to save your son from being charged, while accidentally implicating your son in the same post.

She said she’s ready to do an interview with a media outlet in order to get her side out there, and we would like to be that media outlet. Michelle, you are hereby invited on the Turtleboy Live Show Tuesday night to explain to the world how your dog was stabbed in the head by your 14 year old son, even though you previously stated that nobody killed your “kind hearted best friend.”

Message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or email [email protected].

She even said in another post that people could contact Turtleboy about the story because she has “photo documentation proving self defense,” and is planning on suing DCF for taking her kids, or something.

I for one am shocked that this woman has previous negative interactions with DCF and the police. But I am looking forward to her “verbally blowing your f***ing minds,” and I sure hope it’s on the Turtleboy Live Show Tuesday night at 9 PM.

She wasn’t done though. Next she went after the Auburn Public Schools for forcing her children to vote, because she doesn’t believe in voting. She then called for character witnesses to come forward to defend her and her 14 year old son Nizaiah, who she blamed for killing the dog.

If you name your song Nizaiah then you can’t really act surprised when he ends up stabbing the family dog in your trailer. It was bound to happen. As if there was any doubt this kid was gonna grow up to kill dogs.

I mean, come on.

I’m sure it didn’t help that his older brother Jacob turned into his sister and Mom goes around spitting on cops.

So far the only people who have taken up the Poochie Coochie’s call to come forward and defend her honor have been her biker boyfriend Travis and her sister Tina.

I’m very confused about what word he’s self-censoring that begins with the letter b, because “bitch fuck” just isn’t making much sense to me.

But it’s nice to know that coming home to find a murdered dog in your girlfriend’s trailer isn’t a deal killer for Travis. In his defense, who would ever wanna give up all this?

Meanwhile the Poochie Coochiue changed her profile picture to the dead dog and used it for self-pity.




So her therapy dog who saved her life suddenly decided to attack her devil child unprovoked, and thus the devil child had no choice but to kill the dog. Yea, that’s believable.

One family member who isn’t supporting her is her oldest son Josh who shared news of his brother and mother’s arrest, which Auntie Tina wasn’t pleased to see.

I guess he’s not a fan of Mom, even though she tagged him in a birthday post last month.

Apparently a friend of hers who hadn’t seen the news reached out to her last week to see how she was doing. When she told him the news he immediately assumed it was one of her sons (which pretty says it all), and she blamed some other guy in order to mislead him like she misled the place. Unfortunately for her he was buying her story, much like the police.

But maybe she can convince me otherwise. My DM’s are open Michelle.


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