Audio Of Giannetti Vs. Turtleboy Court Showdown Is Not Like Anything You’ve Ever Heard On Judge Judy


We finally got ahold of the entire court audio from Monday’s harassment order hearing with Mike Giannetti, and if you want a good laugh you should definitely listen to this. Just remember while doing so that this was a real life court of law.

Imagine being in court that day for an unrelated matter and witnessing a toothless meth head tell a judge that something called “Turtleboy” did the following to him:

“My son, justice for Lisa and the girl, a couple of girls he had on there who said I slept with them when they OD’d on dope, I f***ed em to death.”

Imagine having no idea who any of the parties were and then hearing this cross examination.

Imagine hearing this exchange between Attorney Randazza and Mr. Giannetti.

“Did you post a video online in which you said, quote, if I ever see Aidan I’ll punch his f***ing head in, I know I’d f***ing kill him, unquote.”

“In my rap songs, yes. But I’ve been rapping on Facebook for 10 years and I’ve never hurt anyone.”

Imagine hearing a man tell the judge that the defendant tried to kill him at a car wash, after previously admitting that he had never seen the defendant in real life. Imagine hearing a plaintiff accuse the defendant of stealing all his social media passwords and hacking into his phone to steal his copyrights. Imagine hearing the plaintiff tell the judge about all his evidence:

“I found out stuff about him on Truth finder”

This is sadly just another day in the life of Turtleboy.

The baby momma that he hasn’t killed yet tried to interrupt the court proceedings, just as she did during the other hearings, and this was likely her idea. I’ve taken it easy on her so far, but that ends now. Kaitlynn Schmoker is currently listed as Suspect #3 on Mass Most Wanted.

He’s been having sex with her since she was 15, after her mother dumped him for the biological father of Bella Bond. She’s also a horrible excuse for a mother, who thought it would be wise to reproduce with the Hyde Park Meth Mongoose.

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And yes, my plan is still to foster their baby, adopt it, and allow him/her to choose their own gender.

We’ll be playing the tape tomorrow night on the live show so you should definitely tune in at 9 PM and click here to smash that subscribe button. Blog dat!



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