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Author Of “Running While Black” Sparks Racial Outrage After Newton Police Officers Prevent Crowd From Running On Boston Marathon Course


Alison Desir, a race baiting she/her who monetizes her alleged marginalization by selling a book she wrote called “Running While Black.”

Emphasis on “while black,” without so much emphasis on “running.”

Yesterday some guy called Remy, who also has social media accounts where he whines about oppression in the context of exercising, was on Heartbreak Hill in Newton cheering on runners. Alison Desir shared a video of his horrifying ordeal in which Newton Police Officers prevented members of Remy’s group from running onto the course to give runners a high five, and made sure to include the hashtag #BostonSoRacist while in Newton.

“This is what it is to be black at the Boston Marathon.”

I’m pretty sure a black guy won the Boston Marathon. Again.

She claimed in her IG post that her friends were boxed in Boston PD, well outside of the City of Boston, for cheering too loud in a “white space.” Keep in mind, she wasn’t there. Yet she seems to know a lot about what happened by watching a 90 second video.

“Our mere existence is seen as dangerous…”

OK Jan.

This video gave zero context, and simply shows 90 seconds of a loud mouthed man yelling racial grievances at police officers who appear to be doing crowd control at a very crowded part of the race. Notice there are multiple white people behind him who are also being prevented from accessing the course by the police officers.

We have no idea why the cops are stationed there to begin with, but as someone who has stood on this hill cheering runners on for many marathons, I know from experience that the side he’s standing on usually has way more spectators. Notice the other side of the street has large spaces with no people cheering on the runners.

It also has cops and black people.

Whereas his side is packed with promotional tents and white people blowing bubbles.

In other words, the bike cops found an area that seemed to be overflowing with people who were slowly making their way onto the court in an attempt to be friendly and cheer on the runners, but could inadvertently hurt a runner and would definitely get in their way. By standing there they did their job and prevented fans from getting on the course, much like security prevents concert goers from climbing on a stage.

If he didn’t wanna be obstructed by police he also could’ve just walked up or down the hill, but then he wouldn’t be able to be a victim, and without victimhood he’s just another mediocre man on the Internet without a purpose.

In case Remy and Alison forgot, there was a bombing on this marathon route 10 years ago that killed 3 people (including an 8 year old boy) and blew the legs off dozens of others. That’s why there is a heavy police presence on this particular marathon, especially in high traffic population centers like Newton. This is what happens when police take proactive steps to prevent terrorism – entitled twats use it to cry about how oppressed they are.

I can tell you from experience that there are no shortage of morons who don’t look before trying to cross the street at Boston and get in the way of runners. It looks like police are trying to make room for the runners to get by without being obstructed. Remy and Alison provided no context whatsoever and didn’t explain what led up to this police presence, nor does either one of them care. Luckily someone who was actually working one of the tents told us what really happened.

Just as I predicted – they got carried away with the cheering and in doing so obstructed other runners at the hardest part of the race. Remy and Alison forgot to mention that they were repeatedly asked to stop doing that, but since they didn’t feel like listening the grownups had to come over and keep an eye on them.

But as you may have noticed the person who made this comment was a white woman, which is the ONLY thing that mattered to Alison Desir.

“It’s white supremacy to tell the truth about what happened and provide context! How dare you interrupt their pre-written racial narrative with facts and eye witness testimony! You can’t spell whiteness without witness! Stop being racist while I make racist generalizations about the evils of white women! Oh, and f*** each and every one of you white bitches who tucked your white kids into bed at night instead of ‘taking action’ by being at the Boston Marathon to harass police officers on behalf of black people everywhere. Oh well, at least your white asses bought my book! All I really care about is monetizing my victimhood.”

Anyway, Alison is always oppressed, despite being a talentless hack who doesn’t run much but makes money off of it by focusing on her racial identity. The same racial identity she also wants you to believe holds her back. Ya see, she appreciates when you celebrate her as black, but you’re not celebrating her enough for being a black woman.

Her life is so difficult.

But because it’s the Internet pretty much everyone got behind Alison and agreed that the Boston Marathon is racist now.

In a sane world we would all point and laugh at these people as they made demands that elected officials in Newton apologize for police silently doing their job. But then again this is a city that rallied around a man with fake tits dancing for children at their high school last week, so I expect them to be groveling any minute now.

It wasn’t just yahoos on Twitter though. Olympian Kara Goucher was trying extra hard to earn her Good White People Points.

“I cannot imagine this happening.”

Literally nothing happened.

“A day of celebration and joy tainted by this.”

A bunch of cops stood there on their bikes and prevented people from obstructing runners.

Alison appreciated Kara buying into her narrative, but she really wanted her to use her platform to spread her divisive faux racism.

It seemed to work, as Brea Douglas from Fox 25 News, and Danae Bucci from WCVB both reached out for an interview.

Of course this neckbearded idiot Adam Gaffin fell for it too, taking a few minutes off from his pearl clutching over Rachael Rollins feeding us dirt on Monica Cannon-Grant.

This is why more and more people are getting their news from Turtleboy Daily News. In the last 24 hours we published a major story outlining an alleged conspiracy by a Boston cop, his family, and a state trooper, to frame an innocent woman for the murder of another Boston cop. Meanwhile the MSM is looking for fake racism so they can share it on their Facebook page and finally get some outrage interaction.


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