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Ayer-Shirley Principal Reportedly Suspended For Criticizing Lockdowns And BLM Riots On Facebook After SJW Mob Starts Petition 


This is Ayer-Shirley Middle School principal Roberta Aikey.


Berta is a proud supporter of the police and holds many conservative viewpoints that millions of law abiding people agree with. In particular she thinks the inconsistent government response between the COVID pandemic and black lives matter riots is troubling. To express her viewpoint she reposted this message from someone else on Facebook a couple weeks ago.

Everything she posted there is 100% accurate, and even if you don’t agree with it it’s protected speech.

She sometimes reposts or shares viral Facebook posts about why she’s voting for Trump.

“I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored.”

Well, in the ultimate twist of irony Berta has become the latest victim of cancel culture as an online mob is not only attempting to censor her, but take away her job. Some will say that this is not censorship because she can keep having these opinions, but if you have to choose between expressing your viewpoints and feeding your family, then you are not truly free since eating is not an option.

Kara Kramer runs an Ayer community Facebook group and posted the screenshots of Berta’s posts along with her horror.

“One of the huge lessons here is you need to think about what you are saying before you hit send.”

Translation – shut up if you have conservative viewpoints. As long as you shut up you can keep your job. But if you don’t shut up then you suffer the “consequences.” You still have free speech rights, you just have to have to say the right things that the cancel culture mob agrees with.

Nothing in either of those posts is even borderline offensive. She even says “black lives matter” in the first one, and points out the hypocrisy of favoring some black lives while disrespecting other black lives. She also referenced the insanity of allowing gigantic protests but not letting people have barbecues, which is more than valid. People like Kara think she should lose her job because of this.

A week ago someone in the community started a petition to get this principal fired and it’s got over 1,300 signatures.

Anyone who signs something like this is a fascist who deserves to be named and shamed, so here’s a few of them.

The first thing the Nazis did was burn books and crush political dissent. This is the world these people want. Anyone who speaks out against the lawlessness of a terrorist group like black lives matter has to have their lives destroyed. Anyone engaging in conduct like this is not a civilized human being, and should be called out for exactly what they are – fascists. Amy Tomasello, Susan Tolstrup, and Patrice Brymner all have one thing in common.


As does Marcy Gelinas.

If you think people should lose their jobs and ability to care for their families because you disagree with their political opinions, you have Nazi tendencies. If they were living in Berlin in 1937 they’d be in favor of college professors losing their jobs for saying things that the government deemed “dangerous.” Not enough bad things can happen to people like this.

According to a Facebook post I saw in a back the blue Facebook group this dedicated principal has been suspended from her job because of these shared Facebook posts.

Let’s hope Ayer-Shirley reconsiders, and if they don’t let’s hope an attorney looking for an easy pay day takes up her cause, as a government funded public school censoring speech is a blatant First Amendment violation.


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