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Babson Professor Urges Iran To Bomb 52 American Cultural Sites To Own The Trumpsters


Asheen Phansey is a Lynnfield resident and the director of sustainability (yes, that is a job) and an adjunct professor at Babson College.

He’s your standard left wing professor who subscribes to the creed of orange man bad, which shouldn’t be surprising since this is pretty standard ideology for those employed in higher education. He wasn’t a fan of President Trump’s controversial tweet in which the President threatened to blow up 52 cultural sites in Iran if they continued to poke the bear.

However, Asheen saw how ridiculous President Trump’s tweet was and said, “hold my beer” before logging onto Facebook and posting this gem.

Wicked smart move to post on a public Facebook page that you hope Ayatollah Assahola should bomb 52 American cultural spots, including the Mall of America and a Kardashians’ home. Any Kardashian will do really. Begging a religious lunatic who oppresses women and gay people to blow up American cultural sites is sadly par for the course for your run of the mill college professor in 2020, and likely will end with him getting tenure. The crazy part here is that if he threatened to bomb 52 cultural sites in Iran he’d almost definitely lose his job, but since supporting Iran is all the rage these days he’ll likely suffer no consequences for this.

Look, I don’t wanna go to war with Iran. That’s crazy talk. My general rule of thumb is that if you’re not willing to sacrifice your own crotch fruit to go to the front lines, then you shouldn’t be for war. It’s easy to sacrifice other people’s kids that you’ve never met, but not so easy to give up your own. Quite frankly, we got voted off the island in Iraq the other day so I say we take them up on their generous offer and never return. If we have a problem, or if they attack the embassy, just drone them into oblivion. That’s the Obama way.

Then again, we’re talking about a guy who sold his Prius on Craig’s List.

I expected nothing less.


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