Barstool Sports Employees Raise Bail Money For Rioters And Looters Despite Horrific Beatings, No Money Raised For Businesses Destroyed 


American cities are up in flames as rioters loot businesses (many of which are owned by black people), attack and kill police and business owners, and burn down government buildings and police stations. Meanwhile, celebrities are encouraging this by donating to a bail fund that will help many of these lawless thugs get out of jail.

Crissy Teigen pledged $200K alone last night.

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She posts that sitting in her safe, well fortified mansion, knowing the violence will never reach her. Unfortunately I expect nothing less from Hollywood elites like her. However, Barstool Sports isn’t an inherently political company, so why are their employees like Ellie Schnitt and Maria Ciuffo openly supporting this?


This is what happens when you hire dumb, but physically attractive young chicks to try to expand your market share. They’re doing this because it’s trendy, they can feel woke, and they think they’re helping black people. Meanwhile they work at a company that’s about as diverse as a farmer’s market in Beverly Hills.

But yea, totally not political.

Just a reminder that Mike Geary from the Kirk Minihane Show had a story spiked about Trenni Kusnierek falsely calling West Point cadets white nationalists because they played the circle game.

They also wouldn’t let anyone from Team Minihane write a story about defeating SJW Mayor Joe Curtatone in court, after he sued Kirk and Barstool because he was pranked by Minihane.

They spiked these stories under the guise that Barstool isn’t political.

Except when they’re financing domestic terrorism.

Let’s look at some of the animals these two are encouraging to riot by financing their bail. Here’s a store owner in Dallas who attempted to protect his store from being looted with a sword, had rocks pelted at him, and then was viciously beaten and nearly killed. It’s pretty graphic.

Rioters in Chicago beat and dragged multiple cops through the streets like Black Hawk Down as the cops didn’t fight back.

A man in Portland was assaulted and then beaten by an Antifa mob for bringing an American flag.

Another man who attempted to defend the man from being beaten had his teeth knocked out by Antifa thugs.

Other peaceful protesters burned police cars and tried to figure out what to do with an AR-15.

And killed an Oakland cop.

Barstool Sports employees are actively supporting people who destroyed this woman’s business.

Burning police cars is all the rage right now.

Barstool Sports pretends they’re not political, but then their employees with hundreds of thousands of followers urge people to financially support this politically motivated anarchy. I’m anxiously looking forward to Kirk and Steve’s take on this. It was cute when they’re having tickle fights about Kirk adopting Ellie.

But now that they’re funding domestic terrorism it will be interesting to hear how they feel. I, like many people, respect Kirk Minihane because he’s not afraid to talk about things like this that other people won’t.

P.S. This SJW blue checkmark clutching his pearls while sharing a video of out of context clips of police defending themselves from rioters ended up being a very satisfying highlight reel. More of this please.

Double P.S. A grand total of 9 unarmed black men were killed by the cops last year. That’s what this is all over.

Triple P.S. This is CNN.




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