Barstool Sports Employees Urge Rioters To Burn Down Police Stations To Push For Social Justice, Calls Drew Brees Spineless For Supporting The Flag


On Monday Dave Portnoy called into the Kirk Minihane Show to cry about Turtleboy because I pointed out that his employees were raising money for domestic terrorists by sharing links to the Minnesota bail fund. He was responding to internal complaints from these same employees because Kirk amplified and agreed with my message on a Barstool owned podcast. Dave insisted that what they were doing was fine by him (which is his right) because they were only raising money for terrorists on Twitter, not in podcasts or blogs, which are which are Barstool’s intellectual property.

I’m not trying to silence anyone here, and I believe that everyone should have the right to say whatever they want. But Barstool has always marketed itself as the rebel of the blogging world, and much like Howard Stern they have caved to the mob by becoming a radical left political blog. I just want him to admit that.

Many in the Basic Becky mafia have gone to bat for Ellie Schnitt and her fundraising endeavors.

It all makes sense now. The money is only going to the “peaceful protesters” who were arrested for rioting and looting. These bail funds earmark money that only goes to the peaceful rioters and looters.

This is her friend Michaela Okland.

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“More wildly talented and successful.”

They get paid to talk about The Bachelor.

Kirk Minihane is Podcast Jesus.

He took a dying radio station and brought the morning drive show to #1 in the ratings. He got where he is because he’s talented. Ellie and Ria and have their jobs because they’re pleasant to look at. If either of them were 15 pounds heavier they’d be waiting tables at Denny’s. Nevertheless they’re here to lecture him about “systemic racism,” because it’s their favorite new buzzword they learned about 5 days ago.

Michaela has hundreds of thousands of followers as well because she looks like this.

As you can see she is an attention starved “influencer” and feminist who doesn’t see the irony of gaining followers based solely on the fact that guys wanna smash.

She’s also a big fan of burning down police stations, which she articulated yesterday with Ellie.

This is an actual conversation that took place on Barstool Sports intellectual property:

Basic Becky 1: If we burn down a police precinct every time there is unjust violence towards the black community by a police officer, I think we would see change pretty fast.

Basic Becky 2: I agree with that.

Nothing to see here, just two women urging mobs to burn down police stations in order to see “change,” and using a Barstool podcast to do so. Maybe Tucker Carlson can bring this up the next time he has Dave on for a ticklefest and he pretends that he’s not running Deadspin Light.

Then there’s Barstool podcaster and blogger Coley Mick.

As you can see, he’s a grown man with a chinstrap who wears flat brimmed hats and looks like he’s about to ask you if he can bum a cigarette, so he’s obviously from Fall River.

Yesterday Saints future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees became the woke mob target of the day because he said that he will never agree with people disrespecting the flag.

This is his opinion and he’s allowed to say it. In a sane world it wouldn’t even be controversial. He’s not telling people they can’t kneel, he just says he doesn’t care for it.

But of course the woke mob piled on him and demand that he apologize, which is what they do. Barstool Sports used to fight the woke mob, but now they have become it with Coley Mick’s hot take.

Remember what Dave Portnoy told Kirk Minihane – he only allows his employees to be political activists on social media, not the blog. Except when they publish blogs calling Drew Brees spineless for his supporting his country.

Newsflash – the spineless thing to do is go along with the woke mob. That’s easy. No one’s going to demand you be fired or apologize, and I’m certainly not advocating that Coley Mick or Ellie be fired for promoting the burning of police stations. But when you say how you’re really feeling despite knowing that the mob will come after you like Drew Brees did, that is what actually bravery looks like.

Of course thanks to websites like Barstool he had to offer this humiliating apology for being patriotic today.

Then there’s Robbie Fox.

He’s been able to vote for 15 months now which makes him an expert on non-profits, so he knows that by sharing the bail fund the money will only go to “peaceful” protesters.

The idiocy of that tweet would take hours to dissect. But let’s just stick with the fact that our tax dollars pay the police and they’re not a charity we donate to. Here was his response to getting called out for being a moron.

Live look at Barstool headquarters.

Honestly, I’m all for it. Barstool grew to what it is today by being edgy and telling it like it is, but now they’re just another PC rag. The demand for blogs that say what rational people are thinking is still alive though, and now Turtleboy is the only game in town. Please, keep it up.

I’m sure Dave will cry about this again when people flood his mentions because his employees are urging people to burn down police stations and joining woke mobs to shame Drew Brees. But instead of calling into Kirk’s show why doesn’t Davey Mouse just debate me on it? He obviously knows who I am, I’m in his head, and deep down inside he knows that I’m right. He started a controversial blog that never backs down and called out SJWs, and now Barstool has become everything he fought against.

Debate me Dave.


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