Bedford Man Caught On Video Rubbing Crotch, Climbing Ladder To Look Into Daughter’s Friend’s House, Says He Was Drunk And Looking For Daughter


This is Todd Deangelis from Bedford.

He is the father of 2 children, including a 12 year old girl. On Thursday night he went to his daughter’s friends house (also in Bedford) around 9 PM and decided to sneak around the property, drag a ladder over, and climb up to a bedroom window and see what was inside. He also might’ve been rubbing his crotch before putting the ladder back where he found it. It was all caught on a series of Ring videos. The 3rd and 4th ones are the creepiest.


Bruh, what is going on here?

I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions here, but I can’t imagine what someone’s motive would be for doing this unless it involved some sort of sexual self-gratification. Not sure if or when he climaxed, or how that’s possible with a dry rub, but he did disappear for a bit there before disappearing into the night.

He was immediately recognized by the homeowner, and according to sources we spoke with he claims he went there because he thought his daughter was there. Except his daughter wouldn’t be sleeping at a friend’s house on a school night, he didn’t have custody that night, he’s previously located his daughter using phone GPS so he knew she wasn’t there, he parked his car three streets away, he goes there regularly to pick up his daughter and lets them know he’s there, and for some reason he used a ladder instead of the doorbell. Basically he got caught doing something incredibly damaging to his reputation and had to pull something out of his ass.


According to sources who spoke with his ex-wife, Todd was accused of doing this to a neighbor several years ago while living with his ex in Winchester. He reportedly begged the neighbor not to press charges after he was caught, and they didn’t because they felt bad for him.

But it looks like this is just sort of his MO at this point. When questioned about this video he blamed it on alcohol, apologized, and once again pleaded with them not to do anything. But they did, and when contacted by the police he refused to speak without a lawyer.


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