Belchertown Police Lieutenant Under Investigation After Woman Discovers He Filmed Her And Several Other Women Having Sex On Thumb Drive


This is Lt. Michael Beaupre from the Belchertown Police Department.

According to sources we spoke with he is under investigation by the State Police and Worcester Police for allegedly filming multiple women during sex without their knowledge or consent. One of the victims we spoke with under the condition of anonymity (there are estimated 6-8) told us that another one of the victims went through a thumb drive that was at his house and found a folder that contained videos of the two of them having sex. The initial victim reportedly found another folder with videos of several other women, alerted the state police, and got a restraining order on him out of Dudley District Court.

The investigation began roughly a month ago, and investigators searched BPD headquarters and Beaupre’s home in Pelham. Beaupre was initially allowed to take a vacation in order to let the heat die down, but then Chief Christopher Pronovost brought him back into work for a couple shifts before sending him home.

Sources tell us that Pronovost, who recently announced that he would be retiring in June, is trying to hide this from the press. BPD has turned off all comments on their Facebook page.

BPD recently posted about hiring new officers on Facebook.

Ironically pictures of Beaupre are included in those posts.

A post from 2017 of Beaupre being promoted to Sergeant was removed from Facebook but is still available in the archived version.

It’s unclear if Beaupre distributed these videos or just kept them for personal use. Massachusetts is one of just 4 states that does not have a revenge porn statute. Sources tell us that an arrest and charges are pending, but that it’s taking longer than anticipated.

Look, videos are fine, as long as both parties consent to it. Doing it without telling the other party is one of the worst ways you can violate another person though. What kind of idiot leaves that lying around on a thumb drive? Who even uses thumb drives anymore? Might as well keep it in your CD-rom. BPD allowing this guy to take a vacation and then work shifts until the rumor mill started to pick up is also a great way to lose the public’s trust in the institution of the police.


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