Bellingham Woman Celebrates Death Of 4 Year Old Boy Killed By Milford Driver, Craps On Deaf People, Thinks Autistic Kids Shouldn’t Be In Public Schools, Vows Lawsuits


In 2017 and 18 we did 3-4 blogs on a Bellingham woman named Rebecca Machacz, and you’ll see why. 

So this woman who killed a 4 year old boy in Milford a few months back in a hit and run was indicted:


But the real story was going on in the comments when this porridge receptacle showed up:

This is Rebecca Machacz. She’s a local skagbeast from Bellingham who was recently fired after calling up WAAF and saying insanely racist things and making a fool of herself. Apparently she has not learned her lesson because here’s what she had to say about the dead four year old:

First of all, if you see a hispanic person and the first thing you do is assume they’re here illegally, you might be a racist. Saying “I’m not a racist” doesn’t change anyone’s opinion on that. And even if the kid’s parents are here illegally, a four year old just died. You’re not making America great again by shitting on a four year old. You’re human garbage, and the world would be a much better place if it was you that got hit by that car instead of the kid.

This is the unfortunate part about Trump being President – these people think they have a voice now. This is a very, very stupid person:

She couldn’t tell you the first thing about how our government works, or the constitution, and she’s likely never voted before 2016. But now she’s an expert on everything because Trump has made stupid people like her feel like they’re part of the democratic process.

And if you have an opinion contrary to her’s, you get this in your inbox:

Oh for goodness sake.

She’s also got strong opinions on children with autism. Take a wild guess what her take is:

Yup, she doesn’t like them either.

Don’t worry though, she’s got a backup plan if she loses her job over this:

She’s a beachbody “coach.” In other words, she got conned into a pyramid scheme and wants you to buy some of the DVDs and Shakeology in her garage.

This chick has actually messaged our page a few times too about story ideas, because sometimes trashbags like to pretend they’re not trashbags by getting us to shame other trashbags.  (Sidenote – I later found out that she was one of the sources who first informed me about Nikki Evans in 2020, using a fake name. So despite being publicly shamed multiple times on Turtleboy she still read the blog and attempted to weaponize it against people who deserved to be featured like her)



Part 2 

Back in August we wrote about this Bellingham porridge receptacle who celebrated the death of a 4 year old boy who was killed by a hit and run driver because, it was just “one less illegal”:

Turns out illegal immigrant children (the kid wasn’t here illegally) aren’t the only kids she dislikes. She also doesn’t care for autistic children:

Well, she’s back and more ratchet than ever. A blog called Mommygyver has been chronicling her latest Internet declarations, and this time she’s going after the deaf:

I shared an article I wrote a couple of days ago about a woman named Marie who alleged discrimination at a LuLaRoe rep, Amber Jones- who essentially ignored her requests to see a specific size during a live sale- after she said repeatedly- “I am deaf”.

Many people took to supporting Marie.

Several did not.

On my MommyGyver Facebook page, I shared a follow up post- showing a screenshot I took myself of a woman named Rebecca calling this deaf woman “entitled”, “twatwaffle”, and “retarded”.

Nice. Really.

Here’s the screenshot:

Oh man, she really hates anyone with any sort of disability. Autistic kids, small children crossing the road, and now deaf people. She really hates those entitled deaf people.

Back when we wrote about her she sent messages like this to anyone who had a problem with the things she was saying:

Looks like she’s up to her old tricks with the deaf community now too:

Some things never change.

After we blogged about her she sent us a message threatening Internet deformation lawsuits and calls to the police. And once again, a ratchet doesn’t lose it’s stripes just because it’s hunting different prey….


The woman who runs the blog, Christina Hinks, seems to be having the same trouble with Facebook that we are, as she has now been suspended for 30 days for “bullying” the Bellingham Porridge Receptacle, because she shared the image of Rebecca calling a deaf woman “retarded”:


I’m not sure why Rebecca Machacz is so angry. Perhaps it goes back to her Kiss 108 days…..

Either way, I’m sure this isn’t the last person she will offend on Facebook. My question is, which group of entitled people are up next for her? The elderly? Veterans? Kids with cancer? I feel like there’s so many demographics of people who offend her that there’s much more to come.
Part 3

The other day we posted this blog about the return of the Bellingham Porridge Dumpster, who came to our attention after she started telling a deaf woman that she’s the reason this country is going to hell because she can’t hear:

Not to be confused with the first time she made an appearance on Turtleboy Sports when she shamelessly celebrated the death of a four year old killed by a hit and run driver in Milford, because it was “one less illegal.”

Rebecca loves calling the internet police (aka Comcast) on her “haters”.

She loves preaching on how to live your life “right”. It seems like if you were born here, you know the rules. Makes sense.

Rebecca has no children, yet she still feels like she’s in a position to lecture parents about the need to teach their children to “know better”.

She must have nothing to hide. After all, she was raised in the United States by two American parents.

But she was raised here in America!  She knows simple financial rules.  How did this happen??

She learned it from her dad……

It’s OK though, because “chances are I don’t care.”

Oops!! But yea Rebecca, tell us more about how other people should be responsible Americans like you and Pa Dukes.

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