Belmont Public Schools Send CRT Summer Reading List Home With Kindergarten Students Teaching Them Police Are Racist, White Privilege Is Their Fault


The Belmont Public Schools have gone all in on Critical Race Theory. The mother of a kindergarten student sent us the summer reading list for the BPS that was sent home with her child, which contains a preamble explaining that the books will teach kids about “anti-racist activism that we want to inspire in all our students.”

A is for Activist

Muslim Girls Rise

Kid Activists

Our Skin

All the Colors We Are

Race Cars: A Children’s Book About White Privilege

Let’s Talk About Race

Let’s be clear – they’re not teaching your child to be an activist; they’re teaching them to be a left wing activist. These books aren’t telling kids to protest against illegal immigration, hatred of police, gun control, or abortion. They’re specifically telling kids to protest on behalf of causes that the teacher’s union agrees with.

Muslim Girls Rise has treats Ilhan Omar as a hero.

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It doesn’t mention the dozens of anti-semitic things she’s said or tweeted, or how she once falsely accused white teenagers from Kentucky of being racist towards a Native American, or how she married her brother in order to violate immigration laws. Ilhan Omar is a hero because of what she looks like, and the fact that she fights for “fairness and equality.” Everyone who doesn’t like Ilhan Omar opposes those things.

Just about every book on this list sends the same message – the most important thing about you is the way you look. It’s what defines you as a person more than anything. If you are white you should feel bad about that, and the only way to get alleviate the guilt you feel is to become a left wing activist.

Then there was this book:

Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness

The New York Times describes it as, An honest explanation about how power and privilege factor into the lives of white children, at the expense of other groups, and how they can help seek justice.

Picture the white kid in a wheelchair who knows he will never walk being told that he has power and privilege because of the color of his non-functional legs, at the expense of black and brown people. He’s oppressing them every time he has to ask for help to go to the bathroom. Luckily he can seek justice by admitting that he has every possible advantage in life and donating money to the DNC.

But the most disgusting, divisive, racist, and dangerous book on the list by far is Something Happened In Our Town. It’s nothing more than anti-police propaganda. The premise of the book is that an innocent unarmed black man is shot by a white cop who obviously must’ve shot him because he hates black people. The black father teaches his kids that they can get stopped just for being black, but cops don’t stop white people, never mind shoot them. The mother flat out says that white people are “treated better.”

The father tells his son that the racist cop will not be going to jail because “cops stick up for each other, and they don’t like black men.”

That’s a healthy thing to teach your kids about the police.

The white girl’s liberal big sister also confirms that the man was shot by the cop because he’s black.

In this house full of self-hating white people the daughter asks her Mom if her family “did those bad things a long time ago,” and her mother confirmed that their ancestors were in fact evil bigots.

Because all white people descended from slave owners, and you should feel bad about that.

I remember being this age and reading Matt Christopher, Judy Blume, the Hardy Boys, and Encyclopedia Brown. Ya know, books about kids being kids. We used to let kids enjoy their childhood. Now adults are constantly trying to ruin the childhood and innocence of children by urging them to become activists. They’re indoctrinating them and using fiction books as cover.

Schools will deny teaching critical race theory because they don’t call it critical race theory, but this is exactly what it looks like in action. This is dangerous, racist, divisive, and you shouldn’t stand for it in your child’s school. Every responsible parent should thoroughly review their kid’s summer reading list, because in case you didn’t notice the teacher’s union is run by avowed communists who can’t understand why anyone would oppose their Marxist organization known as black lives matter. They assume everyone agrees with them, because everyone they know and associate does. And they will attempt to brainwash your kids with racist propaganda because they think they own your children. They don’t. Speak up when you see this. Write emails and call the principal demanding that racist literature like this not be endorsed by teachers.


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