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Beverly Woman Alerts Community To Dangers Of 2 People Without Masks On Standing 10 Feet Away From Elderly Man



Every day we get submissions from turtle riders of people attempting to shame other people on Facebook for living their lives instead of cowering in fear from the commie cold. So I’ve decided to start a Commie Cold Karen of the Day blog series to help us get through this. If you see someone on Facebook narcing on other citizens for being free in a free country, then then send me a DM at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or email it to [email protected] Today’s Commie Cold Karen of the Day is Jessica Michelson Berger who was busy policing the mean streets of Beverly.

God have mercy on us all. Thank you for your service Karen.

Two outlaws standing 10 feet away from another human being in public? Obviously they want old people to die. It’s a well known fact that everyone who doesn’t blindly submit to the demands of the Karens hates old people.

Karen is a old school hippie who appears to be in the demographic that is most vulnerable to the disease.

And while I get her frustration, hippies are supposed to be chill and laid back, not busy bodies who narc for them man.

Here’s an idea – if Jessica is this petrified of getting the commie cold then she can take her own advice and “stay the f*** home.” No one is forcing anyone to go out. You are free to go full Ann Frank until a vaccine has arrived.

Studies are starting to come in and they’re showing that social distancing doesn’t necessarily work. Large groups of families are dying en masse, and guess why? Because we’re forcing them to live on top each other when they could be outside not doing that.

People who say that you want old people to die if you disagree that there isn’t another way to handle this crisis are not serious adults. Just laugh at them because they are here for our amusement. They are fear mongerers drunk on power. The world will never be coronavirus free until there is a vaccine, and I’m not sheltering in place until that day comes.

What’s really scary is that instead of being mocked, Karens always find plenty of other Karens who thank them for alerting the world that two people without masks were 10 feet away from an old dude in Beverly:

Oh you didn’t hear? The rule is 13 feet now. It “changed.” Just like that. Tracey with an e said so and she used a hashtag so it’s gotta be true.

I will not be wearing a mask. I just won’t. It’s cool if you want to, but I’m not afraid of the commie cold. The second that restaurants and businesses are allowed to open up I will be there. The beauty of America is that you don’t have to go if you’re scared. But I shouldn’t have my freedoms stripped from me because you choose to be irrational. I’m willing to bet others feel the same way, so vote in the poll at the top.


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