Bike Gangs Take Over Boston Streets, Assault Man Who Honked At Them, Rachael Rollins And Julia Mejia Claim They “Need Space To Have Fun”


Michelle Wu has only been Mayor of Boston for about 6 months, but in no time she’s managed to hand over the streets to roving bike gangs who assault random people in vehicles who don’t like being held up in traffic.

Police are trying to find the specific bicyclist who threw punches and assaulted a man on Tremont Street in broad daylight in front of multiple restaurants. Witnesses say he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The witnesses tell us they stopped everything they were doing when the bicyclists in these newly released images rode through Tremont Street around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, causing what they call mayhem.

“They just started whaling,” said Henri Baez, who lives nearby. “All of these kids on their bikes, weaving in and out of traffic, almost got hit by a car. A gentleman beeped his horn, and he got out, and I guess they hit his car or he hit one of them or thought he did, and it just went crazy from there on – and they attacked the poor man.

“There were a lot of guys yelling,” said Ron Mallis, who lives nearby. “I went to the window and saw this cluster of three dozen, maybe two to three dozen, kids on bikes.”

“Seventy-five to 100, maybe more,” said Baez. “All young teenagers.”

However many of them it was, eventually they took off, leaving that man bloodied and bruised. Those same witnesses brought towels to help him out, and police say a coworker drove him to the hospital.

“Whatever possessed them to think they could just take over the street,” said Mallis.

We spoke to the victim by phone, and he said he is going to be okay and that he is just a hard-working man who had left one job and was on the way to another job when the bikers got in his way. When he asked them to move, the attack happened. He had blood all over his pants and cuts to his mouth, but other than that he says he’ll be fine

Here’s a video of the gang of well over 100 kids driving through downtown earlier.

We’ve published a lot of blogs about junior mcmuffins who cause chaos in urban areas by doing wheelies in the middle of traffic. The response from liberals has always been that cracking down on this sort of behavior is racist because many of them are black, and enforcing laws against children of color is bad. The slogan they use to push their narrative is “guns down, bikes up,” because they believe that the only alternative to riding backs dangerously through traffic is shooting people. This is how low their expectations are for people of color. They tell us that it’s just kids being kids, and we used to do it all the time when we were their age.

If you try to stop it then you’re criminalizing fun and perpetuating systemic racism.

Last year there was a public meeting that City Councillor Julia Mejia and then DA Rachael Rollins attended to address this. They made it clear that it’s the fault of adults who wanted to put a stop to this sort of lawlessness because “black and brown youth need space to have fun.”

Rollins said that we shouldn’t be wasting law enforcement resources stopping them, and Mejia said that instead of worrying about roving bike gangs we should worry about violence.

Days later Mejia would say at a City Council meeting that she wanted to get rid of asphalt because it gets too hot and ends up inciting murder in the BIPOC community.

She claims that she wishes police had the same energy about violence that they did about young punks on bikes. Last year she livestreamed herself at a homicide, showing her viewers the dead body of a man who was just murdered.


She heard the gunshots, but instead of calling 911 or attempting to help the man, she began doing what she always does – live streaming for attention. She was able to get behind the police tape in an active crime scene, filmed his corpse, and reportedly touched him and other objects in the crime scene. She flaunted her power as a city councilor, refused to cooperate with police, and further upset the victim’s family by falsely claiming that he was still alive.

Unsurprisingly Mejia was a huge supporter of Monica Cannon-Grant, donated campaign money to her fraudulent non-profit, and called the indicted felon “bold, activist, leadership,” in a tweet that is still up.

Julia Mejia and Rachael Rollins both believe that police should be defunded and less aggressive in holding criminals accountable, even though it would make the city much safer for law abiding people like the man and the way to his second job who was beaten by the teenage bike mob this week. They don’t want to “criminalize” the youth, and as a result they allow children like this to take over public streets because it’s a better alternative than arresting them.

At least it is for the teens. For the law abiding citizens who have to sit there and become victims “criminal justice reform” isn’t working out so well.


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