Billerica Teacher Brags About Teaching Kindergarten Students About Their White Privilege, Mocks Parents Who Object, Wants More Gender Fluid Math Problems

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This is Ditson Elementary School (Billerica) teacher Brenna Woods.

She currently teaches first grade, but last year she taught kindergarten.  During a recent Zoom meeting with other elementary school teachers Brenna bragged about how she brainwashed her 5 year olds last year with critical race theory, telling the white students that they are privileged due to the color of their skin. Because parents could see what was being taught in schools due to remote learning, Brenna received blowback from some concerned parents who didn’t want their 5 year olds to be poisoned with this toxic communist ideology. Instead of listening to them Brenna mocked them to other teachers and condescendingly said that the people who pay her salary “unknowingly lived privileged lives.”

“Last year I taught entirely remotely which means all the parents heard what I was teaching. I was also teaching kindergarten, which is hilarious by the way, everyone should try it.”

Yea, that was hilarious for sure. Watching my daughter jump over a piece of paper in her room and calling it gym class because people like you were afraid of a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate made me laugh out loud several times. The only good thing about remote learning is that parents got to see what psychopaths like this were doing to their children.

“I did a lesson on white privilege. I talked about how some people are treated differently based on what they look like.”

If you aspire to be a kindergarten teacher and your primary goal isn’t to teach them how to read basic words and add small numbers then you have no business being a teacher. Teaching 5 year old children that they are either oppressed or oppressors based on the color of their skin is evil and deranged.
Anyone who thinks it’s OK should be in jail, and not anywhere near other people’s children.

“All the parents heard it and I received some emails. One was like wow that was a powerful lesson, thank you for starting that conversation. And then I received some emails that were like, how dare you treat my white child differently! I’m like, was that hard for you, like? I think some of the things we need are talking points for families, because if we’re gonna talk to kids about this is really hard for parents to feel. Especially parents who unknowingly lead very privileged lives, and don’t know how to have that conversation without thinking they’ve done something wrong.

The parent who praised her was the good parent, and the parent who had a problem with it was unreasonable and had to be taught a lesson about diversity, equity, and inclusion, because they’re just not as smart as Brenna Woods. They didn’t go to college and major in gender studies, and they don’t watch Joy Reid every night so Brenna feels bad about how stupid and uneducated they are.

She also wanted to make sure that she wasn’t being “silenced” by administration.

“We need talking points, we need ways to support them, we need to know that we are going to get support from our administration when we have these challenging conversations, and we as teachers need to not feel the weight of teaching these extremely large concepts and feel like we don’t have the ability to do so because we don’t know where we can be silenced.”

Why do some teachers think they have some sort of First Amendment right to stand in front of a classroom full of other people’s children and force their political ideologies down their throats? Newsflash – you have the right to express whatever opinions you want, but you don’t have a right to be a teacher and force your views on 5 year old children.

I’m pretty sure her administration will back her up though. This is the Principal, Victoria Hatem.

She believes in teaching kids about “systemic racism” by using stereotypes that include naming all black kids Jamal, and assuming they live in poor neighborhoods.

She shared a political cartoon that called police predators.

She fully supports BLM, subscribes to critical race theory, is constantly sharing memes from radical pages like Occupy Democrats, and has suggested that voting for Republicans means you don’t love “marginalized” people.

Superintendent Tim Piwowar probably will back her too. We blogged about him in 2018 after he called Turtleboy a “non-reputable source,” and asked people to stop sharing a blog we published about a horrific locker room bullying incident that the high school wasn’t doing anything about.

Brenna Woods likely has nothing to worry about when it comes to administrative support.

On Twitter Brenna likes to lecture white people about how they don’t get to decide if they’re an “ally to black people,” because “they” get to decide that.

There is nothing more racist than a white person ascribing a default opinion or behavior to 40 million black Americans. As if all black people get together and make a list of which white people are “allies” and which are still training to get there. It’s pathetic to watch white people like Brenna Woods grovel like this for likes on social media, but when they do it they almost always end up saying something insanely racist in the process.

Brenna is also really upset that her kindergarten students don’t understand why white people are so racist.

“They literally have no idea why racism is a thing.”

That’s because they’re 5 and 6. Their innocence has yet to be destroyed by communists like Brenna Woods, who would pollute their brains with identity politics and critical race theory. But she brainwashes her own children of “multiple backgrounds,” therefore she has a right to brainwash other people’s children as well.

She’s also upset that second grade math problems don’t include “gender fluid kids or those who do not identify under boys and girls.”

This is happening everywhere, and you shouldn’t put up with it. Billerica is not Cambridge, and the public schools there should not be teaching kindergarten students critical race theory and transgender propaganda in math class. Feel free to email the principal, superintendent, and teacher with your respectfully worded concerns:

[email protected]



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