Black Lives Matter Activist Radicalized By Ayanna Pressley Kicks Man Unconscious While Yelling “Black Lives Matter” For Trying To Protect Woman Being Beaten By Mob


If you choose to watch the Democratic National Convention starting tonight, it’s important to remember that this is the party that has embraced black lives matter and their white subsidiary Antifa. Ultimately the two groups are the same, the difference is that democrats only admit that one of them exists (BLM). Jerry Nadler, who is quite possibly the ugliest most repugnant looking politician who has ever served in office, was asked about what he thought of Antifa’s violence in Portland, and said their existence was a myth.

Antifa is very real, as anyone who has followed Andy Ngo or watching anything besides from CNN would know. However, their argument is that Antifa has no hierarchy or structure and thus is not a recognized group. I disagree, but for the sake of argument I will assume that’s true. In that case we can call these “Antifa” rioters black lives matter, since they are one in the same. BLM is the must more marketable, diverse, “peaceful” organization that raised hundreds of millions of dollars, bailed rapists out of jail, is exempt from COVID restrictions, and has complete control of every Democratic politician and corporation in America.

Last night in Portland a woman whose son was killed by cops after shooting people and pointing his gun at Portland cops, urged the crowd to attack cops and said that she was getting ready for war.

The media loved it.

Watch what happened as a result of her speech after BLM tracked down a man who intervened to stop them from beating on a woman.

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Just to review what happened there, two BLM protesters were beating up a white homeless person.

The man in the truck attempted to stop them.

He was attacked, got back in his trust, and a woman attempted to keep the BLM mob from dragging him out of the truck.

They viciously beat her instead.

Fearing for his life the driver hits the gas and drove through a red light, but didn’t strike anyone or anything.

While trying to evade the mob he crashed his truck.

A manbun wearing a security vest dragged the victim out of the truck and forced him to kneel in front of him like an ISIS prisoner or a Webster Police Chief.

A BLM woman kicked the victim in the head.

He attempted to get up and was repeatedly thrown to the ground and punched in the face by manbun.

He asked for the BLM mob’s permission to call his wife

Manbun then snuck up behind him with a running start and kicked him directly in the face, causing his skull to smash into the cement and knocking him out cold.

The woman who claimed that the victim was her husband was sobbing as a BLM Antifa victim blamed and falsely told her, “He wrecked his car and he got beat up because he was trying to run people over,” as someone yelled at them, “Get out of here b****, you f***ing loser”

The man meanwhile lay on the ground motionless as some of the BLM protesters who didn’t want to catch a murder charge attempted to wake him up by moving his lifeless body and pouring water on him.

No one called 911 because BLM doesn’t believe in police. They want anarchy and street justice. That man was kidnapped and they attempted to kill him. When he tried to leave they said, “You’re not leaving bro,” and “Knock that racist out yo.”

After manbun kicked him in the head you could hear him justify this animalistic attack by accusing the victim of being racist.

“All this racism has gotta stop. I’m out here for a reason n***a. I’m black n***a!!”

“Get you bitch ass up n***a”

“Black lives matter n***a”

There it is, “black lives matter.” That’s who he’s with. That’s who he did this on behalf of. You can justify any violent behavior, no matter how abhorrent it is, by simply making up a lie that the victim was racist, because there is no crime worse than being racist in 2020. Silence is violence, racism is genocide. Would you kick Hitler in the face if you could? Well, these people have labeled everyone to the right of them as Hitler, so in their minds this is all in the name of social progress.

They are cheered on by people like Ayanna “Mrs. Potato Head” Pressley, who still has not denounced her campaign organizer Monica Cannon-Grant for making a racist video in which she accuses Pressley black female opponent of “riding white penis for a credit score.” Ringo Pressley spent the weekend urging mobs like this to continue to riot and loot.

This is the Democratic party. You don’t have to like Trump, but if you vote for the Democrats you are voting for this. You don’t get to support BLM when they’re painting pictures on 5th Avenue and then disassociate when they do what they do most often – provoke violence and anarchy. These protests in Portland have gone on non-stop for 3 months now and the police do nothing because radical Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler is also the Police Commissioner, and he has handed over his city to BLM. President Trump attempted to restore law and order by calling in the National Guard, but Nancy Pelosi and the every other prominent Democrat criticized Trump for bringing in “storm troopers” to arrest “peaceful” BLM supporters, whose only crime was graffiti.

Portland is probably the worst city in America for BLM/Antifa, but it’s happening in Seattle, San Francisco, and plenty of other cities as well.

Manbun’s name is Marquise “Keese” Love, and he’s a DJ and a father who has nothing better to do than try to murder people in the name of social justice on a Sunday night.

You’ll never guess who his favorite sportball team is.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – if you own a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat you are destined to be on TB, and you most definitely have Google trophies.

This subhuman maggot says that he’s all about “peace, love, and mixing music” on IG.

Unless you’re conservative or don’t feel like stopping when an unruly mob surrounds your truck and starts beating on a woman. Make him famous.


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