Black Lives Matter Activists Led By Will Turbitt Destroy Photography Company For Documenting Blue Lives Matter Rally In Worcester


Azari Images is a photography company out of Worcester that documented the back the blue rally at Lincoln Square on Friday. They took some really good images that you can see in the link below, (if you’re interested in hiring them or checking out their work click here) but it’s the thousands of comments and negative reviews that will really grab your attention. Keep in mind, the photographer is a neutral third party that was just there to document a political event at a busy intersection, and because they didn’t explicitly come out and criticize the police the mob came after them too.

“We have completely different experiences with police officers.”

Yea, generally when you’re a two bit ratchet criminal whose biggest skill is the ability to take a bathroom selfie, you’re more likely to have run ins with 5-0. My experiences with police are generally positive because I don’t break the law. But please, tell me more about your experience with the Worcester Police from your crack den in Tennessee.

Then there was this genius.

Yea, she wrote “Defend” instead of “Defund,” to accentuate the difference between the two words, since they do the opposite. A smart person could figure this out on their own. But BLM supporters aren’t generally known for their intellect, cleanliness, sense of humor, or employability.

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I am one of the people who went to a blue lives matter rally but not black lives matter. Because I’m not a Marxist who wants to abolish jails, the police, the nuclear family, and capitalism. I’m just a regular guy who appreciates law and order and doesn’t blame the police for my life problems.

There were so many anecdotes.

You poor thing!! You were pulled over once in a car? How did you ever survive? I can’t relate to being pulled over because white folk have never, ever been pulled over before. Ever.

“bUt tHeReS nO dIvErSiTy”

Here’s a black lives matter protest in Holden that he was at the week before.

Good luck finding a black guy there.

Then there was this BLT-123.

This is why nobody outside of radical circles cares about the imaginary war on BLT-123’s.

They had some negative reviews too (for doing a job), and one of them was a familiar name.

Will Turbitt.

A career criminal, and the only person dumb enough to get setup by a serial child abuser who lost two of her own kids permanently to DCF.

The same guy who got kicked out of and cried at a Joe Biden rally.

If you associate with black lives matter, this is your peer group. Josh Abrams, Joe Orga, and Will Turbitt have been hating cops since before it was cool.

The bottom line is the BLM is a cult that doesn’t allow other people to protest on behalf of causes they support because nothing can be allowed that doesn’t revolve around BLM. It’s gone mainstream because the people supporting it have no idea what they’re aligning with. Those that do are trash, as you can see from the comments above, and how they treated a photographer who was just doing his job.


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