Black Lives Matter Blames Providence Police For Hitting Grown Man On Moped After 400 Riders Take Over Streets, Terrorize Citizens


Rhode Island ratchets are abuzz with the the news that one of their homies is in the hospital after playing ratchet games and winning ratchet prizes.

A 24-year-old man is in critical but stable condition after he was driving a moped and crashed on Bissell Street and Elmwood Avenue, according to Providence Police Commander Thomas Verdi. The crash was captured on camera by a neighbor where you could see an officer following the driver, and quickly making a right turn, before the crash. The neighbor who recorded the video said they saw the officer hit the driver. However, Commander Verdi said police are investigating the cause and reviewing footage.

Mayor Jorge Elorza said the city will be investigating. In a statement he said:

We had a terrible incident in our city tonight that left a young man severely injured— we hope he will make a full recovery. Our police are actively reviewing all video evidence, talking to witnesses, and recreating the scene. We will be doing a full investigation and will continue to communicate as the investigation unfolds

Earlier Sunday evening, ABC6 cameras captured over 100 ATVs and dirt bikes riding through Providence. According to the President of the Providence Firefighters Union, Derek Silva, firefighters responded to a total of 4 crashes involving the dirt bikes and ATVs on Sunday evening.

“Providence firefighters are responding to more motor vehicle crashes involving illegal ATVs and dirt bikes than ever before,” Silva said.  “These illegal ATV and dirt bikes are causing crashes that have led to serious injuries and even death. They have no business in our city.”

In the video you can hear the crash, but not see it.


Oh man, ya hate to see it! But you also love to see it at the same time. Don’t wanna get hit by a police car? Don’t drive like an invading rebel army on an illegal vehicle terrorizing one of the biggest cities in New England in broad daylight. And especially don’t stop short before a curve with a police officer right behind you, because  much like spelling and grammar, inertia is not your friend. Just look at this plague of Petey Pablos.

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These aren’t little kids either. They’re grown men in their 20’s and 30’s. Do you understand how much of a loser you have to be to find this thrilling? Can’t they just go back to shooting each other and neglecting to pay child support like the good ol days?

It would be no big loss if one of these ghetto gremlins died doing this, but an innocent person who actually matters could’ve gotten seriously hurt considering they were occupying all four lanes of traffic on busy streets. Watch it from another angle, and enjoy the ratchet play by play.

“Oh s***, why he did that s***? That’s some f***ed up s***. That’s f***ed up. That’s f***ing f***ed up. He crashed them.”

“Yo that’s f***ed up!! Why you gotta crash that man?”

In Providence they call her “the smart one.”

And yes, these winners were wearing Donald Trump masks while doing that.

This is the guy who posted that video.

Short bus Grimace always keeps it 100, and like many others he is not happy with the police.

Newsflash – the cops aren’t there to protect you. They’re there to protect us (the good guys) from you (the ratchets). And the cop wasn’t trying to kill your friend. Your friend just played with fire and got burnt. A great way to not get rear ended by a cop is to not partake in a 400 person takeover of the entire city with ATV’s, before stopping short in front of a vehicle that is pursuing you.

The man who was hit was 24 year old Jhamal Gonsalves, and he’s in critical condition. Some might think this is sad, but I’ll save my tears for kids with cancer, or anyone else who died or got sick through not fault of their own. I only have so many things I can care about, and adults who choose to live like this aren’t even close to making the list.

Jhamal forgot the number one rule of hoodbooger hide and seek – never leave the herd. But he wanted to get cute and have his own private police chase, so he pulled right, came to a curb, realized there was nowhere to go, and lost this game of Baghdad bumper cars.

Oops! Who put that curb there?

Instead of blaming Jhamal for his situation, which was entirely his fault, his Facebook page has turned into one gigantic ratchet stew filled with ample amounts of “f*** the po-lease,” “free muh boi,” and “dindu nuffin.”

His girlfriend is quite choked up too, but not in the fun way.

Maybe if Jhamal had stayed home and gotten a hummer like a normal 24 year old she wouldn’t have to be in the unfortunate position of realizing that she’s going to have to dump him if he becomes a vegetable. I blame her more than anyone.

Black lives matter, in its infinite wisdom, is blaming the police (shocking, I know) for crashing into an “African-American,” because apparently Puerto Rico got annexed by Zimbabwe.

As you can see, his father Mark Gonsalves is a “criminal justice reform activist.” And by that they mean he gets paid to talk about how he’s a recovering junkie who tried killing himself by jumping off the Pell Bridge, who has graduated to bigger and better things like documenting meter maids.

Meanwhile, here’s his son at 15.

But of course instead of blaming himself at all for his failure as a father, he’s holding a protest for his son called, “stop racist police terror.”

Even though there’s nothing racist about this, and the only people causing terror in the streets were Jhamal and his friends.

There is of course the obligatory GoFundMe.

And finally the “Let’s all show our support for our homie by doing the same exact thing that put him in the hospital in the first place.”

Eat your heart out boys.

If all you could eat fried clams night at Red Lobster had a face.

The bottom line is Jhamal isn’t a victim, he’s one of the bad guys. That doesn’t change just because he got a brain boo-boo. The cops are paid to protect the citizens of Providence, and that’s what they were attempting to do when this parasite parade took over the city on illegal bikes, crashed 4 times, and put innocent lives at risk. These fools are grown men who think doing wheelies and giving cops the finger is cool, and I don’t have an ounce of sympathy if one of them gets hurt during the process. Instead of saying f*** the police how bout try obeying the law instead? Might work.


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