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BLM Activist Didi Delgado Raises $15,000 For Surgery Reparations Funds, Immediately Blows It On Vacation To Miami 


Cambridge BLM chairwoman Didi Delgado started a fundraiser last week because she’s getting emergency pacemaker surgery and can’t pay her rent, utilities, or food bill.

Didi is perpetually unemployed, evades taxes, and guilts white women into paying her reparations payments in order to survive. Or as she calls it the “#DoneForDidi White Labor Collective.”

She literally makes money by pretending to be a poet, talking about how oppressed she is, and bullying dumb white women into giving her money in exchange for not calling them racist.

You almost have to respect the hustle.

But she made all that money by doing nothing. Now she’s apparently in need of actual medical care, because believe it or not she does not take good care of herself. So it was very easy for her to raise $15,000 in a couple of days for her bills to be paid while she recovers from surgery.

The White Labor Collective showed up in full force.

I could probably do a blog on each and every person who donated to this and it would be hilarious. But let’s just take a look at the last two people who put the word out that it was time to pay their reparations.

They always look the same. Always.

Didi made it clear that it’s not acceptable for white people to only pay black people money when they need legal fees or funeral funds. You’re also supposed to pay for cheesehogs like Didi to live large while they’re alive.

Apparently she meant this literally because just a couple days after she raised $15,000 she went and spent it on a vacation to Florida with her boo, who of course is named Montana.

Don’t worry, not a single person will call her out on this. They know better. They know that no matter how much they’ve donated to this land walrus over the years it won’t save them from her wrath if they express dismay that they were defrauded. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that woke white women fear more than being called a racist by a race baiter like Didi. And they’ve convinced themselves that leeches like Didi are entitled to never work while collecting the fruits of their labor. Ya know, because….slavery.


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