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BLM Activist Screams In The Face Of Michael Chesna’s Mother At Rally In Hingham To Support Police, Selectman’s Husband Yells At Black Woman Running For Congress While Holding BLM Sign


Supporters of the Police rallied in Hingham yesterday to show their support for the Fire Department’s refusal to remove a thin blue line flag from a fire truck, which is there to honor murdered police officer Michael Chesna. It was not meant to be antagonistic, but rather to be supportive of the vast majority of cops who show up to work every day and keep society from descending into anarchy. However, black lives matter activists don’t like it when anyone else is protesting for a cause they believe in because it takes attention away from them. Thus a handful of these activists showed up to scream and shout at the peaceful protesters. A woman from Roxbury who goes by “Tru Edwards” began screaming in the face of Mimi Chensa, Sgt. Chesna’s mother.

That picture is iconic, and it summarizes exactly what BLM stands for – hatred of the police. Believe it or not it’s entirely possible to think that what happened to both George Floyd and Michael Chesna was an injustice. Supporting one does not mean you don’t support the other. But the comment she gave to the Patriot Ledger is quite possibly the dumbest thing a human being has ever said.

“As soon as something happens to a black person nothing happens.”

Yea, nothing happens except:

  • 2 months of protests, looting, and rioting
  • The arrest of the 4 officers involved in the killing of George Floyd
  • Pushes in all 50 states to enact new laws that punish officers in their state for the crimes committed by the officers in Minneapolis
  • An exemption from COVID restrictions on gatherings and funerals that allowed these protests and George Floyd to be treated like the King of England at his multiple funeral services
  • The NFL announcing that it will allow players to kneel
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars dumped into non-profits affiliated with BLM
  • Widespread acceptance of BLM by every major corporation in this country

Besides that nothing happens when something happens to a black person. Maybe she’s talking about the thousands of black people who are killed in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, or other democratic controlled hellholes. She’d have a good point there if she was.

People who support the police don’t show up and harass BLM protesters. They let them do their thing, riot, loot, spread COVID, and yell stuff that rhymes because it makes them feel special. But they can’t let police supporters respectfully hold small rallies without disrupting them. They have to show up dressed like they’re getting ready for trench warfare, point fingers, and yell at people.

Here’a a white guy with a black lives matter sign yelling at Rayla Campbell, who is black and yet still manages not to get killed by police.

That man is Dan Power, husband of Mary Power, one of the three members of the Hingham Board of Selectmen.

Listen to the white guy Rayla! His opinion matters more than yours.

As for the presence of Trump flags at these things, I’ve always been against it because it politicizes what should be a bipartisan effort to the support the police. However, I get it. When you have one party that is grilling the Attorney General about why he’s using force to put down violent anarchists and rioters in Portland, normal people tend to gravitate towards the other party. The left and Mitt Romney have fully embraced BLM, despite the fact that they want to abolish the police, prisons, capitalism, and the nuclear family. Donald Trump rejects that, so we stand with him.

As Mimi Chesna pointed out, she just wanted to honor her son for being a hero.

Civilized people would respect a mother who wanted to honor her child who she had to bury two years ago. But there’s never been anything civil about the black lives matter movement.


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