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BLM Boston Organizer, Ayanna Pressley Campaign Organizer Says She Got More Donations And Grants After Racist Video Attacking Black Congressional Candidate Was Published


Two days ago I blogged about Monica Cannon-Grant, the Ayanna Pressley campaign coordinator, Boston black lives matter leader, and CEO of Violence in Boston INC, after she posted a racist, sexually degrading, and threatening message to Rayla Campbell, the Randolph Republican running against Pressley for congress.

Watch the entire video here

Since that video was put out Rayla Campbell has been inundated with threats and had to move her family out of their home in Randolph. Here are some of the things Cannon-Grant said about this black mother of three, who had the audacity to accept support from white men, and marry a white man.

“This heffer running against Ayanna Pressley. This one here with the white husband. At some point we gonna have to have a conversation with black folks who get in a conversation with white folks and then forget that they black.”

“If white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom and this ain’t your part of the show and you don’t get to talk right now.”

“Regardless of how many white penises you ride, and I ain’t mad at you sis because if you riding that mother f***er for a credit score get you that house boo. Get you that 40 acres and a mule. Just don’t forget you a n***er.”

“I get it, you’ve been riding white penis for a while. I don’t give a shit. You and Tom, Chad, and Bill can get it.”

“We gonna figure out how to organize an event for our congresswoman Ayanna Pressley cuz we need this heffer to understand that regardless of how many white penises she ride, regardless of how many white supremacists she recruit, and regardless of how many Trump supporters she support, that at the end of the day keep your hands off. Keep your fucking hands off.”

In regards to black men who inter-marry with black women:

“He getting pink uncooked vagina. I get it, I get it. But what I need you to do though is keep your mouth shut on black shit if you ain’t ready to be black”

In regards to Campbell’s alleged lack of “blackness” which Cannon-Grant refers to as “melanin-adjacent.”

“I’ll be damned if I let this melanin adjacent woman, whose proximity to white supremacy is so disgusting, be disrespectful to our congresswoman because white folks have convinced her that she was better. She’s an exceptional negro? Is that what it is?”

She was upset that Super Fun Happy America was coming to her campaign event in Randolph, and called on black men to show up to defend black women (Pressley in this case, since she doesn’t consider Campbell to be black) by invoking Malcolm X.

“Malcom X would’ve blown somebody’s head off.”

She referred to Campbell as a “house negro” who bows to her master and reports runaway slaves.

“Then you had the house negro who was so excited about being in the mother fucking house, that every time master got sick they was like ‘we sick master.’ That’s what this woman is.”

She threatened Campbell to keep her hands off of the congresswoman.

“And when it comes to our district attorney Rachael Rollins, yes fuck the police all day long and twice on Sunday. But what you not gonna do is put your hands on that black woman you 4 white men.”

Cannon-Grant did not support Rachael Rollins in the primary, because according to her the fact that Rollins’ father is white was disqualifying. She is opposed to interracial relationships, and is distrusting of white people and police.

There are plenty of videos in circulation showing Cannon-Grant using racist language towards white people and dehumanizing language towards police. This is a woman whose archaic world view should not be accepted in a civilized society. Yet she is treated as a civil rights icon and a community leader by some of the most powerful politicians in Massachusetts. Joe Kennedy courted her endorsement. Pressley, Rachael Rollins, Elizabeth Warren, and Maura Healey have all campaigned with her. Marty Walsh gave her a 4,000 square foot building for free, after she repeatedly called him a “mother f***er.” She has been praised by several Boston City Councilors including Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, and Julia Mejia, and as we will see later on they financially support her. This week I will be publishing an eye opening blog series on Violence in Boston, which will highlight the wealth she is illegally accumulating under the guise of social justice.

Instead of apologizing for the threatening and racist things she said about Rayla Campbell, Cannon-Grant did a 40 minute video on Facebook about how she was the victim. In this video she blames a black man in Boston for allegedly collaborating with TB Daily News (which she only refers to as a white supremacist blog) and Rayla Campbell She victimizes herself, claiming that she has received nasty messages since the blog’s publication, but at no point does she apologize or admit that she was in the wrong.

Despite the fact that she was clearly the aggressor, Cannon-Grant is portraying herself as the victim. She admits that she’s gotten her husband and grown sons to threaten the black man in Boston who put the video out about her. It should be noted that this man is, for the most part, ideologically aligned with her, and is a Rollins supporter himself. He just takes issue with her tactics and believes her behavior harms the movement. In the video she bemoans how hard it is to be a black woman in America, overlooking the fact that she just put out a video degrading a black woman in the worst way imaginable by mocking her for “riding white penis,” and calling her a “house negro.”

The most telling part was when she made it clear that it was actually a good thing that she was exposed because it would benefit her financially.


“I’m a success. I win. Every time they create these campaigns to try to degrade, disrespect, and devalue me, God blesses me. Another grant comes. Another partner comes. Another supporter comes.”

It’s unacceptable that mainstream politicians can openly associate with and endorse a woman this vile and this racist and not be held accountable. The reason they say nothing is because just like Marty Walsh, they fear her. They know that if they disavow her she will claim it’s because she’s outspoken, black, and female.

I need your help in putting together an email list for the press contacts (or the people themselves) of all those  who openly associate with Monica Cannon-Grant. I will not allow them to ignore this. Either they stand against hate in all its forms, particularly to black women, or they condone it. Our strength is in numbers. They can ignore one person, but they cannot ignore thousands.

I will write a form letter that you can send to them to let these people know about what she did and demand that they issue a comment. If any campaign organizer for a republican did something like this the press would force them to disavow. We know the media won’t do that here since they’re complicit, so we have to force them ourselves.

Please send email contacts for the following people to me either at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or [email protected] so I can create a database. To my knowledge the following people have openly endorsed this woman:

  • Joe Kennedy
  • Ed Markey (Kennedy’s opponent)
  • Ayanna Pressley
  • Rachael Rollins
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Maura Healey
  • Marty Walsh
  • Deval Patrick
  • Boston Celtics
  • Michelle Wu
  • Julia Mejia
  • Andrea Campbell
  • Stephen Mandile – Uxbridge Selectman
  • Sue O’Connell NBC
  • Adam Reilly WGBH
  • Jim Braude WGBH
  • Adrian Walker – Boston Globe
  • Kimberly Atkins – Boston Globe
  • Shirley Leung – Boston Globe
  • Reverend Willie Brodrick III
  • Reverend Laura Everett
  • Dr. Karilyn Crockett – Boston Chief Equity Officer
  • Segun Idowu – Candidate for State Rep Boston
  • Anyone else you’re aware of that has openly donated to, endorsed, or associated with Monica Cannon-Grant


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