BLM Gun Control Activist Honored By Media And Obama Gets Bailed Out By Bail Fund After Shooting Louisville Mayor Candidate Who Spent Years Sucking Up To BLM


This is Quintez Brown, a BLM activist from Louisville.

Here he is during the height of the BLM riots “demanding” that the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor after being fired upon by her boyfriend, be fired.

After the Parkland shooting in 2018 the media was desperate to find underage kids demanding more gun control, because it’s easier for them to get people to listen if they can find well spoken children who will repeat their communist garbage for them. Joy Reid from MSNBC, who still hasn’t found the person who hacked into her blog and wrote a bunch of homophobic stuff, had Quintez on her show, as he established himself as the official left wing voice for Louisville.


Quintez is the mainstream media’s wet dream. A young, articulate black male who wants gun control, supports BLM, and retweets all the DNC’s primary talking points.

For that reason he was pimped out by City Councillors, Senatorial candidates, and given an op-ed gig at the newspaper so he could opine about how deep water is racist.



He went missing last summer and BLM blamed it on the police. After he was “found” they had no comment. He was later praised by former President Obama.


Well, this week Quintez Brown celebrated his love for gun control and gun safety by barging into the office of Democratic Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg with a 9 mm and shooting wildly at Greenberg.

It should be noted that Greenberg is Jewish, and Quintez seemed to have a thing for the Jews.

I wonder what his motive could be?

The Louisville Bail Fund immediately used $100K in donated money to bail this anti-semitic, domestic terrorists assassin out of jail:

Just to review:

  • The unarmed, mostly white people who walked into the Capitol on January 6 and didn’t hurt anyone are domestic terrorists who must be held in solitary confinement on no bail because they almost killed a bunch of congressmen
  • The armed, black, politically motivated anti-semite who’s running for City Council and tried to murder a candidate for Mayor of Kentucky’s largest city is harmless and must be granted bail immediately

Tell me more about this white privilege thing. Sounds fascinating.

His supporters, like former Senatorial candidate Charles Booker, have expressed their concern for Quintez, but not the guy he shot at, while blaming it all on gun control.

According to BLM it’s not domestic terrorism or a threat to democracy because Greenberg is just a candidate, not the actual Mayor.

This is Chanelle Helm, the cheesehog who runs the organization that bailed Quintez out.

According to her Quintez isn’t an assassin because he was harassed as a teenager.

The guy he shot released a statement expressing his dismay that someone who could shoot at him would be bailed out two days later. He also voiced his trust in the Louisville Police Department, blamed gun violence, and said he would “combat the root causes of crime” if elected.

You can’t possibly be a bigger cuck than this guy. He just got shot at and he expressed his sympathy for the family of the shooter.

He makes a good point though – the system is broken. Largely because his team (Democrats) believes that the biggest problems plaguing our society are racist cops and gun rights. They think that we put too many people in jail and should let dangerous criminals like Quintez are better off outside of jail because, racism. Just ask Craig, who’s spent years kissing BLM’s ass and “supporting black owned businesses,” only to get shot at by one of the leaders of BLM.



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