BLM Mother Whose Children Murdered Chicago Police Officer Livestreams Herself Breaking Into Hospital To See Son, Says They Had To Shoot Cops Because They Feared For Their Lives


Chicago Police Officer Ella French was killed, and her partner was shot and is currently in critical condition after a routine traffic stop this past weekend. Emonte Morgan 21, has been charged in the unprovoked murder, as has his brother Eric Morgan 22.

CPD shunned Mayor Lori Lightfoot at the hospital after she attempted to show up for a photo op, which is what all police departments should do with any elected officials who attempt to politicize heroic police officers who die in the line of duty, if they supported BLM while those cops were alive. BLM is an anti-police hate group and no respectable politician should freely associate with them. If you don’t respect cops when they’re alive then don’t pretend to respect them when they’re dead.

Ella French once saved the life of a toddler injured in a mass shooting and worked a dangerous beat in the country’s most dangerous city. Despite her heroism Lori Lightfoot did not know her name, but she does know the name of the officer who justifiably shot Adam Toledo two months ago, because she blamed that cop for shooting the young gangbanger who was armed and shooting at cars at 2 in the morning.

This widespread embrace of BLM led to mass distrust of the police by many people of color, and directly led to Officer French’s assassination. Don’t take my word for it though, just listen to the killer’s ratchet mother Evalena Flores rant about how her wonderful boys shot two cops because they were justifiably scared of them.

‘I don’t believe a damn thing CPD says, and I can guarantee you this. My boys were afraid. I’m afraid … We fear our police here. We don’t trust them. If a cop get behind me our heart drops. They get behind us, we scared. That’s just the reality of it. I need to be a voice for my boys.”

This was the rhetoric BLM spewed openly for months after the George Floyd killing. Black people get pulled over by the cops and shot for no reason, therefore it’s understandable if you shoot them preemptively. If someone had shot Derek Chauvin first then St. George Floyd would still be alive. Black people should not trust the police, and should be scared for their life any time they’re pulled over. Sure, Emonte and Eric Morgan were riding around with an illegal gun in an unregistered car and had a plethora of priors. But that’s not why Emonte was scared. He was scared because he’s not white.

People like Lori Lightfoot embraced this divisive, hateful, and absurdly ridiculous way of thinking. They marched with the communists and charlatans yelling about it. They made no effort to point out the heroism of officers like Ella French because it went against their ACAB narrative, and instead gave into BLM’s demands to defund the police. They allowed BLM to paint murals across the city and on public streets. BLM and Lori Lightfoot are to blame for this.

Evalena Flores posted that video on Facebook outside the hospital where her sons are in custody, since they were also shot. She insists there is another side to the story, despite body cam footage that shows Emonte shooting both officers without any warning.

“My boys are not monsters.”

Yes, they are. And it’s mostly your fault. You had one job as a parent – to instill morals and values into your children. You completely failed because you have no morals or values yourself. You are a waste of space and a drain on society, and the world is a worse off place as long as you and your sons are still breathing. But Lori Lightfoot marched with you anyway.

After this video she entered the hospital, looking for her two sons who she could not see because they were in custody, but could not find them.

Finally she live streamed herself on Facebook as she entered the surgical wing, yelled “open this mother f***ing door,” barged past nurses, yelled for her murderous spawn, and assaulted officers who attempted to detain her.

She was arrested and charged with battery, resisting a peace officer and criminal trespassing.

Here’s the wonderful gang banging child she raised.

He just celebrated his 21st birthday last week, and she bragged about how proud she was of the man he had become.

When the only images you have to memorialize your son are pictures of him in flat brimmed hats and skinny jeans throwing drug money on the ground, you have completely failed as a parent.

Fortunately for her Illinois is not a death penalty state, so she’ll be able to visit her maggot children in jail for the rest of her life.

In her video Evalena claims that she’s some sort of model citizen who doesn’t have a criminal record but still fears the police anyway. This was all a lie. Evalena Flores is what is commonly known as a “ratchet ass ho,” as can be seen from her July 29 Facebook post about “trifling females.”

She’s in a fine position to lecture other women about their choices in men since she had three boys whose fathers elected not to stick around. Wasn’t their fault though, it’s hard to get to your kids rap concert when you’re in jail.

Her oldest son Aunray was born when she was the ripe old age of 16. She didn’t bother instilling any sort of values in him, so to the surprise of exactly nobody the aspiring rapper who had already made Evalena a Grandma by the age of 35, died in 2018. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that homeboy didn’t die of natural causes.

Her son Eric had a felony conviction in Wisconsin, so he had to have someone else buy the gun for him. An elected liberal judge let him off with probation so he did no jail time.

Wisconsin Circuit Court records show that Eric Morgan, 22, was charged with felony armed robbery as a party to the crime, a class C felony, in Dane County, but the charge was dismissed on a prosecutor’s motion. Instead, he was convicted of Theft-Movable Property fr. Person/Corpse, a class G felony. Judge Berz is a former public defender who ousted an incumbent judge who was an appointee of former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. She also worked as an UW-Madison adjunct professor. She is a controversial judge who was previously criticized by Dane County victims’ advocates for her comments about sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

Evalena says her boys were good boys, but their social media accounts show nothing but hoodrat gangsta nonsense and links to Emonte’s music, which sounds a lot like rabid alley cats fornicating in a dumpster. They certainly weren’t afraid of the police, and posted enlightened BLM slogans like “F*** 12.”

She also claimed that she doesn’t have a record, but the Google machine shows that this was a lie.

On October 31, 2014, Chicago Police Department officers arrested her on 100th Street in Chicago for failing to appear in court as directed. On September 13, 2019, Chicago Police Department officers arrested her on North Cleveland Avenue in Chicago for failing to appear in court as directed. She was booked into the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) in Chicago and was released on September 15, 2019.

Imagine still believing that the biggest problem in communities like Evalena’s is the police? LOL. BLM actually convinced most politicians of that. Laws were created to stop it, every company in America mandates diversity, inclusion, and equity training, and your kids are being taught critical race theory in school based on that assumption. But the fact of the matter is that people like Emonte and Eric Morgan have dangerous encounters with police because they’re part of a never ending cycle of ratchets reproducing and not instilling any sort of values or morals in their offspring. America doesn’t have a policing problem, it has a parenting problem. And Evalena Flores is all the proof you need of that.


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