BLM Portland Activist Raised Over $40K By Lying About Police Brutality Against Mother, Voluntarily Dropped Lawsuit, Has Several Questionable Fundraisers


Hamdia Ahmed is a “model” and self described social justice activist who emigrated from Somalia as a child refugee to Portland, ME.

She participated in the Miss Main competition, and was the first woman to ever wear a burkini. Because nothing says women’s empowerment quite like perpetuating a culture where women aren’t allowed to show their ankles.

She frequently uses her “marginalized” identities and the vast array of diversity boxes she checks off to gain access to things she otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The Red Sox let her throw out the first pitch at a game in 2018 simply because of this identity.

Despite being untalented she’s done quite well for herself here, and is very grateful to the country that has given her refuge and embraced her.

Just kidding.

She actually hates the country that has given her opportunities that she never would’ve gotten in the anarchist hellhole nation her family fled from, but yet she stays here.

We blogged about Hamdia in 2018 after she used her Twitter following to send a mob after a minimum wage worker at Dunkins by making up a lie about being discriminated against after she was issued a no trespass order.

Coincidentally before that she also made up a lie about being discriminated against at Starbucks. Hamdia, like many social justice warriors, has learned how to use perceived victimhood as a way to build online platform and profit off of the racism-industrial complex.

When George Floyd was killed in late May, Hamdia, like many BLM “leaders,” saw an opportunity to profit. This vague GoFundMe raised over $18K.

What does this even mean?

#BlackLivesMatter Maine is a collective of young people organizing against white supremacy in Wabanaki Territory. To attain improvements for Black lives across Maine, we strive to build a space where Black folks can come to create, organize, and build movements together. Realizing Black imagination and joy, we come together to liberate and build social consciousness. The Maine group attempts to build a new, inclusive, expansive chapter recognizing the margins of identities shared by Black people. In our struggle for freedom, liberation, and justice, we affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum.

Doesn’t matter. Just shut up and give them your money or you’re racist. They’re trying to come together to liberate and build social consciousness. No time for questions bigot.

The sole beneficiary of that GFM is Hamdia Ahmed because there is no official corporation called Black Lives Matter Maine. She’s provided no receipts as to where any of this money went, but you’ll just have to take her word for it that it was “dispersed across several different pathways, including, but not limited to: donations to affiliated organizations or non-profits supported by the global #BlackLivesMatter movement, mental health for Black youth across Maine, stipends for organizers, protest equipment, masks.”

Whatever that means. She doesn’t have time for questions, she’s busy obtaining fiscal sponsorship (more money) and moving all this money into an official bank account. That fundraiser was from August, there are no updates from her about bank accounts being created, and you can still donate to it.

The real grift for Hamdia came in June 2020. This was the month where you weren’t allowed to question any black person alleging racism. Just shut up and listen, don’t get defensive, read White Fragility, support black owned businesses, forget about COVID, rationalize looting, and open up your checkbooks because what happened to George Floyd was all your fault.

In 2014 Hamdia’s mother was arrested at a hospital while trying to find Hamdia, and of course she alleged racism. Hamdia was also detained after she threatened to hurt herself, but she admitted that this was just a lie to get the cops’ attention.

“Had Hamdia been asked she would have explained that she never intended nor wanted to harm herself, that she had tried but could not get law enforcement’s attention in any other way.”

She demanded an investigation take place, it did, and of course nothing came of it because tapes from the hospital exonerate the innocent people she was smearing. Six years later Hamdia realized the death of George Floyd was the prime opportunity to bring that up again and try to monetize it. In the process she had to do what she always does with her lies – smear and victimize innocent people. In this case it was Portland Detective Jeffrey Druan, a well respected member of the department who detained her mother in 2014.

She began smearing Detective Druan on Twitter, alleging without any evidence that he pushed her mother, put her in a chokehold, and helped nurses stick a sock in her mouth because her Mom couldn’t speak English. This tweet is still up and was retweeted over 12K times.

And because in June of 2020 you weren’t allowed to question anyone who looked like Hamdia Ahmed, the City of Portland gave in and announced they were launching another investigation.

Hamdia understands the power of social media and reached out to other race grifters like Shaun “Talcum X” King and Ben Dixon, and got them to retweet it to their millions of followers.

She even urged her followers to harass nurses.

Of course she readily admits that she witnessed none of this.

But that doesn’t matter. She’s a black woman with a hijab, and you killed George Floyd. So just shut up and listen.

Realizing she suddenly had a lot of national attention Hamdia capitalized on her fame by creating a GoFundMe for her perpetually unemployed mother that raised over $21K.


You have to remember, this was the month when white people were looking for any social justice cause to give money to, so it was extremely easy for her to raise this kind of cash with no evidence or explanation. Hamdia wisely attempted to compare what allegedly happened to her mother (she didn’t witness this, and the video proves it never happened) to what happened to George Floyd. White guilt blue checkmarks took the bait as she knew they would, and shared her fundraiser.

Hamdia hired attorney Thomas Hallett, and months went by without an update. Finally in December it was announced that Hamdia had agreed to drop the lawsuit without any settlement from the city.

Police Chief Frank Clark said Thursday that the department’s internal affairs division cleared the officers of any wrongdoing back in 2014 and that further review this year of video and audio evidence upheld the original finding.

“The evidence simply did not support the allegation that the officer choked or otherwise used excessive force against anyone. This is a just outcome to this matter, and I’m glad to have it concluded,” Clark said.

A lawyer for Ali declined to provide details about the case’s dismissal to the Press Herald, saying only “It was in my client’s best interest.”

It was in his client’s best interest to drop the lawsuit and get nothing in return? Translation – she raised all this money off of it, the lawyer advised her it was not a winnable case and was going to charge her by the hour to move forward with it, and she decided to pocket the donated cash rather than waste it on attorney’s fees.

I attempted to reach out to Hamdia for comment, as she does not operate any sort of registered non-profit, but took in over $40,000 in less than two months from these two GoFundMe’s. She blocked me and made her account with over 33K followers private.

Her IG account with over 21K follower was also privatized after I messaged her.

These are far from her only GoFundMe’s though.

All of the GoFundMe’s are vague, do not provide any sort of documentation to validate their authenticity, and all of the money goes directly to her. There was one in 2018 for an unnamed cousin with colon cancer in a refugee camp who needed surgery (they apparently have surgeons in Somali refugee camps).

She often claims to be in touch with refugees in Kenya who call her needing money. She said in August that you could send money directly to one of these refugees, but then when someone offered to do that she said that you could only Venmo the money to her and trust that she would send it to the mysterious woman in the refugee camp.

There was another GFM for 6 refugee children who lost their father and were living in a tent in Kenya. No names of course, or any explanation for how she was going to get money to them.

She did another one like this last May.

There was one on Christmas for “urgent medical care,” for….someone. It raised over $3K.

In February 2021 there was the GFM for another unnamed immigrant friend who needed dental work.

Six days after that was another GFM using the hashtag #BelieveSurvivors. Hamdia raised more money for an unnamed woman (she originally called a man) who she claimed (without evidence) was the victim of sexual assault and had a child. She needed $4K to to get a home in Kenya because elderly men kept trying to marry her in refugee camps.

Somalia sounds like a horrible place to live. What with the genital mutilation, anarchy, poverty, rape, and starvation. But it’s not nearly as bad as some places.


Countries that enabled her to live comfortably and weaponize her racial identity for profit while smearing innocent people are the worst.

Hamdia plays woke white people like a fiddle too. This woman raised over $1,000 for her after Hamdia “accidentally” tore her side view mirror off the car and needed $600 to rent a car for two days because she’s unemployed.

She’s also removed thousands of tweets and taken down other GoFundMe’s after people became skeptical of her. In early 2018 she started one for a woman who was 8 months pregnant but didn’t know it.

Hamdia has a long and documented history of lying about racism and hate crimes on social media as well. She helped spread a lie about Army cadets playing the circle game, and alleged that they were white supremacists.

Despite being able to prosper without obtaining employment, Hamdia isn’t a fan of capitalism.

Perhaps that’s because she “owns a small business,” which appears to be nothing more than her making unregulated potions at home, and she goes days without making a sale. She tries to guilt her followers into buying products from her by vowing to “give back to others through mutual aid.”

If you have to guilt people into buying products from you by bringing up all the unnamed families you’ve helped by raising money from strangers via GoFundMe, then your business model isn’t sustainable. Try making something people, ya know, want.

Since her business doesn’t make any money on its own she has no idea what it’s like for actual business owners to pay their bills. That’s why she cheered on the lockdowns and arbitrarily decided that small business owners should pay $25 an hour minimum wage.

Or $30.

Whatever. They just make up the numbers as they go along anyway. Just give her your money on Patreon so she can travel the world and go to conferences and learn how she can be an activist.

Her resentment towards small business owners is also why should couldn’t empathize with those who had their stores looted and burned by BLM this summer.

George Floyd was killed in Minnesota, therefore the store owner in Boston must lose their livelihood. Because, social justice.

People like Hamdia need racism to be everywhere, because without it they can’t monetize their platforms. In order to do that she has to present herself as a strong black woman who is constantly the victim of racism, but won’t back down because she’s not scared despite the imminent threats that await around every corner.

White people love donating to stuff like that.

She feels that she can tell white people that they can’t adopt black children unless they do as she says.

She’s anti-semitic, and believes the Jews are “always involved in everything.”

She wants to abolish the police.

She believes that pointing out that black on black crime is much more of a threat to black people than racist police officers, is an act of racism in and of itself.

And she recently went viral by tweeting out that homeless people could get stimulus checks too, even though their current situation has absolutely nothing to do with government forced lockdowns.

Because putting money in the hands of drug addicts is a great idea if you’ve never spoken to a homeless person before, and Diego the friendly neighborhood fentanyl dealer agrees.

Hamdia Ahmed is a liar, a con-artist, a grifter, and not someone any serious person should take seriously. Yet she is able to get private businesses and government institutions to bow to her demands. She got the City of Portland to remove cops from schools, making them more unsafe.

And she got the Dunkins franchise owner to apologize to her after she organized a mob to attack him and doxxed one of the Dunkins employees.

“Proud of myself.”

We know.

But people like her get whatever they want because they are bullies who mask themselves under the cloak of social justice. They weaponize social media, and because they present themselves as member of a marginalized group that is constantly victimized, they are able to get away with hurting innocent people. Cities even open up 6 year old resolved cases in order to avoid being the next victim of one of her online mobs. Ironically she condemned anyone who is thinking about going into her line of work.

Because the last thing grifters like Hamdia Ahmed want is competition.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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