BLM Supporters Attack Cindy Chesna After She Called Out Legislators Who Disrespected Her Murdered Husband In Powerful Facebook Post 


On Friday night the House of Representatives passed a “police reform” bill that every police department in the commonwealth opposed because they had no input on it, they believed it made it much more difficult for them to do their job, and the consensus was it made the public less safe. I’ll have a separate blog breaking down all those who voted yes, because it was actually closer than expected and these people need to pay for what they did. But the vote got Cindy Chesna, the wife of slain Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna, to chime in on Facebook today, and you should read every word she wrote.

That was perfect. She even called out the cowardly Hingham Police and Fire Chiefs who took down the thin blue line flag off of a fire truck because one idiot college student decided it was racist to support Cindy’s murdered husband.

Black lives matter and other activists were all consulted on this bill, but Cindy Chesna was not. Why is her voice not as important as theirs? Who’s been through more? This image is so powerful.

Look at the look in that woman’s face and then go tell her how oppressed you are because you got pulled over for doing 35 in a 30.

These two lines stuck out to me the most.

When Mike was murdered there were no protests (peaceful or otherwise), no riots, and no looting. There was certainly no public outcry from politicians for the reform of a broken justice system that lets repeat offenders out on the street. 

Mike Chesna, Ron Tarentino, and Sean Gannon all had one thing in common – their killers should’ve been behind bars already. All were killed by career felons who had been given chance after chance by judges and district attorneys who never held them accountable. All of these murders happened in our state and our elected leaders did nothing to address it. But a black guy in Minnesota gets killed by a bad cop and all of a sudden our elected leaders can’t wait to pass a “reform” bill that fixes a problem that doesn’t exist here in the first place.

This was the other line that got to me.

Two years later I am witnessing the complete opposite from a lot of the people who looked me straight in the eyes at mikes wake and promised to always be there for me, offering anything they could do. Now those same politicians are showing the utmost disrespect to our officers with this reform bill

The fact that the same people who voted for this law that disrespects cops all over this state and blames them for being racist killers, had the audacity to show up to the funeral and wake for the photo op, is revolting. I’d like to know each and every State Rep and Senator that attended who then went on to vote yet. Here’s the list:

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Email [email protected] if you can confirm that any of the 93 who voted yes attended either the wake or the funeral. This includes the Gannon and Tarentino funerals as well. Any person who pretended to care about them and then voted for this bill needs to be publicly exposed.

It must’ve been incredibly hard for Cindy Chesna to post that, and as a grieving widow she has every right to express her frustration. The tone of the post was non-confrontational, and at the end she stresses her desire for peace, kindness, and respect. You’d have to be morally bankrupt to attempt to say anything negative on that post.

Meet Cassie Delaney from Whitman.

Her Facebook page is filled with stuff about black lives matter, garbage about how rioting is OK because of racism, and a bunch of nonsensical abortion analogies that she probably thinks make sense because she’s a very dumb person. She’s been protesting a lot, yet she doesn’t have a single person of color in her social group.

Not one. She never posted about black lives mattering prior to George Floyd because she was too busy being a basic white chick and traveling around the country. Black lives matter was just something for her to do.

Editor’s note – it goes without saying but please do not contact her former employers. They support the police. 

Here’s what she had to say on the post.

If you see something a grieving widow posts on Facebook because she’s in pain, and you disagree with ANY part of it, then go and post about it on your own page. It’s not your place to go onto her page and change the subject. We all agree – killing unarmed black people who are doing nothing wrong is a bad thing. Luckily it hardly ever happens. Cops being killed by people who should be behind bars happens much more often, and our leaders do nothing to address it. That’s the whole point of the post. In this state three cops have been killed in recent years, compared to zero unarmed black people despite thousands of arrests and interactions with police. Neither is technically an epidemic, but one happens far more frequently than the other.

Regardless, just let the lady vent.  Let her have her moment. We get it – George Floyd being killed was bad. I won’t even get into the data because that’s the conversation she wants to get into. And it’s just not the time or place for it. It’s a woman expressing her sadness and pain, and if you can’t shut your mouth for five seconds about black people being killed because the spotlight isn’t on you for once, then you are a twisted, evil narcissist.

Yea, we do know that George Floyd was killed by the cops. It was hard to miss. But his life was no more valuable than Michael Chesna’s. Yet there are murals to George Floyd everywhere, and there have been two months of protests, riots, and now legislation in his name. Chesna got thoughts and prayers for a few days before people went right back to hating cops.

Cassie kept going after I chimed in.

There it is. The hero complex. Hey everyone, this crusty caucasian runs a BLM Instagram page with 700K followers. Please pat her on the back. And they raised over $20K for the bail fund to get a bunch of white Antifa terrorists out of jail. She fixed racism!

Then there’s Brenda Frank from Weymouth.

Here’s what she had to say.

No you idiot, the thin blue line flag has not been “co-opted” by people who support Derek Chauvin. We know this because there are literally zero people supporting Derek Chauvin. And even if they were “co-opting” it, it wouldn’t change the meaning of the flag because bad people decide to use it. This is what they’ve done with other harmless things like Pepe the frog and the OK sign. What Brenda is saying at the end is that Michael Chesna got what was coming to him because he chose to be a cop. It was his fault. Whereas George Floyd, who spent time in prison for pointing a gun at a pregnant woman’s chest during a home invasion, didn’t make any life choices that led to his demise.

Then again, this is a woman who shared a quote from a cop killer three days ago.

And that about sums up what a horrible waste of space Brenda Frank is. She values the lives of cop killers like Assata Shakur, who busted out of jail and ran to Cuba, more than she does a hero cop from her hometown who left a wife, two children, and both parents behind.

Both Cindy and Michael Chesna are 10 times the people that any of these useless virtue signaling women can ever dream of being.


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