Boomer Woman Refuses To Take Down Viral Post About Non-Existent Sex Trafficking At Target Despite Wareham Police Posting That It’s Untrue


The Wareham Police have had enough of the bullshit:

I love how we’ve branded these people so effectively as the Pumpkin Spice Mafia that they’re immediately referred to by that in the comments, and everyone knows exactly who’s being talked about. Good for the Wareham Police though for getting out in front of this too. The “I was almost sex trafficked” at Walmart thing has been a topic we’ve blogged about many times, but no matter how many times we justifiably mock the idiots who blindly believe it, most still fall for it every time. It’s dangerous because it can lead to profiling and eventually vigilantism. The only solution is public humiliation.

Unfortunately some people didn’t appreciate the PSA. This is Jayme Frost.

As you can see, she fancies herself a free thinker and researcher, who is proudly unvaccinated and “unafraid.”

Except Jayme appears to be very afraid of imaginary sex traffickers because……Ghislaine Maxwell.

Newsflash – the kids who got raped on Epstein Island weren’t kidnapped at Walmart. That’s not how sex trafficking works.

But it is to Jayme Frost, who was really upset about Wareham PD’s narcissistic gaslighting.

If you ever laugh or brush off these ridiculous things you read on Facebook then you’re going to Hell.


This was the post that started it.

TL;DR – Someone parked close to her daughter’s husband because they wanted to be close to the entrance of Target, then they walked around the store in the same area, and on the way out there was a white van outside and police told them it was sex traffickers because they like to be close to the highway in order to kidnap your child and run.

Keep in mind, she wasn’t even there. She’s hearing this third hand, and the WPD disputes that they ever said it probably was traffickers. Mary Reilly Callahan has been made aware by other commenters that she’s spreading misinformation, but instead of taking it down she’s telling these people to leave her page.



Some asked Mary the obvious question – why isn’t this on the news?

“Second amendment will take care of it.”

Oh good, now we’re going to have people bringing guns to Target and shooting people who happen to walk down the same aisle as them more than twice, because Mary’s too much of a boomer to take her post down.

Meanwhile Christine Reilly thinks kids in Wareham are being given shots that knock the kids out before they’re shipped off to Thailand, and the parents don’t see them again until they’re doing porn.

That woman is allowed to vote. This is why democracy is overrated.

Poor Katherine Whalen is never leaving the house with her kid again because of Mary’s post.


And Norma thinks the solution is to bring back the draft.

If only we could send 19 year olds off to die in Vietnam like the old days, then maybe they’d stop growing up to be sex kidnappers for Russian oligarchs.

Every time this happens it leads to more people talking about another non-incident that happened in their town, which makes the Pumpkin Spice Mafia further believe their delusions are real.

Do you know any of these people?

If so, please tell them to stay off the Internet until they’re ready for it. If you’re so stupid that you still fall for these, even after the police tell you otherwise, you should not be allowed online.

Mary’s post was shared hundreds of times, and every time the story changed a little. This is Donnamarie Vitt.

According to her she just got a text from a close friend who alerted her to the Wareham sex trafficking close call, but she added some more details.

Four cars and ten guys? There isn’t a single kid in Wareham who’s worth that much man power. Who do you think they’re kidding here? Baron Trump?

Then there was Tricia Twomey-Johnson from nearby Falmouth.

She spread fake news about a similar incident at Walmart, except this time the kidnappers were brown people.

Yea, let’s start racially profiling ethnic looking people at grocery stores. What could possibly go wrong?

The Pumpkin Spice Mafia are the same people who wanted us to hide from a virus for 2 years because they genuinely enjoy living in fear. So even with the WPD assuring them that they had nothing to fear they still held out hope that this does in fact happen “all the time,” because they’ve seen other people post about it on Facebook. Some even blamed the cops for decreasing awareness to a non-existent phenomenon.

“It happened to my family.”

No it didn’t.

The bigger problem here is, why are these people so afraid and defenseless? None of this stuff is real, but if it were, why would you be afraid? Can you not put up a fight and cause a scene? Are you that helpless and useless as a parent? Either way, I will never stop shaming these people until the plague of the Pumpkin Spice Mafia is officially over.


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