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Bootleg Portnoy “Tiktoker” Starts Flame War With I Love Frankie’s Pizza In Worcester Over Pizza Review


This is Marc Lewis from Georgetown.

Marc apparently started a Tik Tok channel where he goes around giving dating advice and filming himself eating pizza. He’s a real stallion.

This makes him important, or something.

Except the eating a slice of cheese pizza and grading it on video shtick is corny because Dave Portnoy’s been doing it for years.

That’s Portnoy outside I Love Frankie’s in Worcester last month. I’ve never been there before, but people seem to rave about it. Most of the pizza in Worcester (and Massachusetts as a whole) is shitty Greek pizza, so it’s rare to find a place with big slices that you bend in half to take a bite out of.

Anyway, Marc Lewis apparently decided to film himself at Frankie’s a couple weeks after Portnoy did and not enough people noticed, so he went on a popular Facebook group called Worcester Eats to complain about how the owner was chirping at him on social media.


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“I’m a TikToker.”

You’re a grown ass man who calls yourself a TikToker. Bow your head in shame. He even uses the same rating system as Portnoy. I’m embarrassed for him.

Four years ago I published a blog series about a man named Greg Bates, who “reviewed” local restaurants and extorted money from them in order to say good things about them on his Facebook group North Shore Eats. This guy is no Greg Bates, but I’m just bored with these people who think they’re Internet celebrities because they post pictures and videos of themselves eating food.

“I could’ve went lower on the rating system but didn’t because I don’t like trashing places.”

Oh dude, that’s so generous of you. You’re a really, really important person, so the rating that you give a pizza place in Worcester really matters. You’re just that important.

Anyway, the owner of Frankie’s does not do business in the traditional manner where you thank customers for coming even when they say negative things about their experience. He showed up in the comments of another one of Marc’s Tik Tok videos and called bootleg Portnoy a rookie, which apparently offended him.

Then he showed up on the Worcester Eats page to call him out some more for copying Portnoy’s shtick and accused Marc of being rude to the employees.

The ironic part is that Marc called someone else a rookie for suggesting that he try pizza that isn’t plain cheese, because you gotta leave the pizza reviews to the professionals with Tik Tok accounts.

Again dude, get your own shtick:

Also ironic is that in Marc’s post complaining about a business owner who chirped at him for his review, he was chirping at people who reviewed his reviews in the comments.


“Wish I cared about your opinion baby boy.”

Yea dude, do you even have a Tik Tok channel? No? Then your opinion on cheese pizza is irrelevant.

For a guy who matters so much you would think he wouldn’t stress out over what random trolls are saying to him on social media.





This guy is apparently making money off this with some affiliate marketing, so good for him.

I don’t think he’s a bad guy or anything, and definitely not the typical kind of villain that ends up on Turtleboy.  It’s just his sense of self importance that irked me. If you’re gonna build your own brand on the Internet, at least make it your brand. Dave Portnoy doesn’t own the rights to pizza reviews, but it’s what he’s known for and you just look like you’re riding his coattails. I like the mall reviews and the 3 minute true crime though.


#boston #bostontiktok #bostoncheck #massachusettstiktok #massachusettscheck #massachusetts

♬ original sound – Marc Lewis


#boston #bostontiktok #bostoncheck #massachusetts #massachusettstiktok #massachusettscheck

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See those are cool because no one is doing that locally, so it’s purely his thing.

I’ve never been to Frankie’s but when I saw this I tried ordering from there because it looked good. They told me an hour and half wait. Sorry, but nothing in Worcester is worth waiting that long for.


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