Boston 5th Grade Teacher Leads Crowd In Chant Of “F The Police State, America Was Never Great,” While Calling Jews “Parasitic”


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This is Clayton “Nino” Brown, a 5th grade teacher at Holmes Elementary School in Dorchester, and a self described organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

He has praised Fidel Castro and other murderous dictators hiding behind words like “revolutionary,” and is well known in those circles. He did an interview two years ago with a very serious media outlet called “The Real News Network” in which he talked about his speech at the March For Our Lives rally and railed against the institution of the police for being most responsible for gun violence.

“Because if we were to talk about gun violence, let’s go there. Let’s talk about the thousand people that are killed every year by the police, right.”

A grand total of 9 unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019. Of them 8 were justified shootings in which the deceased often drove cars at the police, which do not count as a weapon. This is just an anti-police lie from a man who is tasked with teaching children.

On July 1 Nino spoke at a “day of rage” event on the steps of the Statehouse, where in front of many children and gleeful white college kids from the suburbs looking for a cause to attach themselves to, he led them in chants of “F*** your police state, America was never great.”  He also referred to the sovereign Jewish nation of Israel as “so called Israel – the parasitic entity.”

Imagine being a student in his classroom? Does anyone doubt that he teaches kids that America is an evil place? How is it acceptable for the Boston Public Schools to employ someone who uses that kind of language in public? He must have that white privilege thing I’ve heard so much about.

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Nino also said that “Zionism is racism,” complained that in Boston “Zionists are paying trips for people to go to Israel, whatever that is,” and blamed George Floyd’s death on the Jews because the Minneapolis Police were allegedly trained by Israelis.

Zionism is the movement of Jews fleeing persecution in Europe (mostly) to what used to be called Israel (but what was at the time called Palestine) in order to re-establish it as a Jewish homeland. The idea was that because Jews were constantly victimized and blamed for everything in Europe, they needed a country of their own. During the Holocaust Israel became a haven for Jews, and shortly after the war ended the United States and UN recognized the existence of the sovereign Jewish nation of Israel. It’s controversial because there were already Muslims there (Palestinians) who suddenly had no country. And because the United States sends significant foreign aid to Israel we have become a target of radical Islamic terrorism.

Agree with it or not, Israel is a nation, and one of the only democracies in that region. It’s also one of the only countries in the Middle East where women are treated equally. Zionism isn’t racism – it’s Jewish people fleeing for their lives. It was a way for them to avoid getting thrown in gas chambers, and everything this anti-semitic socialist said was a lie. Calling Jewish people in Israel “parasitic” is anti-semitism, and is the exact sort of language Hitler used to dehumanize them. Yet he’s allowed to teach 5th graders in Boston.

This is not the first time he’s called Israel a parasite state either. He did it at at a meeting hosted by the Greater Boston branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in 2017.

“Palestine is occupied by a settler colonial parasite, the State of Israel, unjustly and illegally.”

In this video another speaker chants “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is an anti-semitic chant that seeks to abolish the nation of Israel by making everything from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea Palestine once again. This would require a full fledged war in which every Jew was either killed or expelled.

During the rest of his speech he went on to lionize a man named Kazi Toure, an anti-semitic convicted terrorist responsible for killing a cop in New Jersey, robbing banks, and bombing government buildings. He then went on to call the police “slave patrols” that were “part of the same poisonous tree.”

Police are the fruit of the poisonous tree and they came into existence for the sole purpose of keeping African and indigenous and poor people down, right? Pushing us down. The slave patrols are part of the same poisonous tree. So if you recognize the poison as such, you recognize that it cannot be reformed, so we have to be honest and the last 143 years since reconstruction we have gotten no place with you so let us part ways. You promised us forty acres and a mule. Where is it? The Palestinians are fighting for their land. The indigenous people in this country are fighting for their land and the black people in this country, I need to fight for their land as well. The same five or six states in the Black man’s south where the majority of our people are concentrated still needs to be liberated just like the entire United States.

Poor Nino Brown is so oppressed that he’s only been teaching a couple years and already makes a salary of $78K.

When he first began teaching in 2017 he started a GoFundMe, because that’s what oppressed free loaders do. He calls himself a “revolutionary,” says that he wants to walk in the foot steps of cop killing international fugitive Assata Shakur, and flat out says that his goal as a teacher is to brainwash the kids.

“My philosophy of education is to inch students towards learning their true role in this society and see themselves and their peers as the next revolutionaries who will fundamentally change the world.”

Translation – I’m going teach your 10 year olds to hate America and convince themselves that if they are black they might as well give up and become full time activists because they live in a white supremacist nation that will never allow them to succeed on their own merits.

The almost $4K he raised went towards:

“posters of leaders from oppressed communities, buttons of past revolutionaries.”

Translation – pictures of murderous dictators like Che Guevera and Fidel Castro, and leaders of “oppressed communities,” like Assata Shakur.

“historically and geographically accurate map of the world”

Translation – a map that says Palestine on it instead of Israel.

“learning library for books about African American, Indigenous, Latinx, Women and gender non-conforming people.”

Because no 5th grade education is complete without reading from books written by gender non-conforming Latinx BLT-123’s.

“educate my class about the Hidden History of Massachussetts through doing a series of anthropological field trips to places across Boston that have white supremacy hidden in plain sight.”

No fifth grader has any interest in that, because they’re in 5th grade. They’re not nearly old enough to understand any of these concepts yet, and instead of the content being taught to them in a neutral way, they’re being brainwashed with Nino Brown’s insane, anti-semitic spin.

Now imagine a BPS teacher speaking publicly at a rally and calling black lives matter activists terrorists, which they are. Or imagine demonizing Muslims publicly the way he demonizes Jews. Or imagine any teacher spoke at a Trump rally. They would be fired in five seconds and forced to go to cultural sensitivity training taught by Monica Cannon-Grant.

In conclusion, the Boston Public Schools, which are not open because the cowardly teachers union is afraid of a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate, currently employs a man who:

  • Gave a speech defending a seditious, cop killing terrorist
  • Wants to abolish the police
  • Uses profanity in public speaking events with children around
  • Called Israel a parasitic state multiple times
  • Frequently uses anti-semitic language
  • Promotes secessionism from the United States
  • Refers to himself as a socialist revolutionary
  • Openly admits to brainwashing kids
  • Makes nearly $80K a year despite not going into work

Must be hard being oppressed.


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