Boston And Cambridge Eliminate Girls And Women Entirely, Now Refers To Females As “Womxn” And “Girlx”


Under Michelle Wu’s leadership the City of Boston has completely erased the existence of women as we know it. Here is a flier that the city funded Boston Center for Youth and Families put out, advertising sign up for a basketball league in Roslindale.

The City of Cambridge likewise followed suit with a post advertising “Girlx” sports night.

What is a womxn? What are girlx? Apparently it’s the new woke gendered buzzword version of Latinx. For those of unfamiliar with this new perversion of the English language, the white woke mob began using the term Latinx because using Latino or Latina indicated that hispanic people could only be two genders. By adding an x at the end it includes the hundreds of made up genders they came up with last week. It’s just a way for them to erase the existence of biology.

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The poster has Michelle Wu’s name on it, which means she endorses it. This is hardly surprising considering she spoke out in defense of Boston Children’s Hospital performing genital mutilation surgery on minors as young as 15.

“This is medical care,” Wu said during an appearance on GBH’s “Boston Public Radio.” 

But notice that the flier didn’t say “Mxn’s basketball league.” That’s because they know that there is no way in Hell that a biological woman would ever want to compete against men, due to the obvious biological realities that would put them at a disadvantage. Men would never put up with this sort of nonsense, but women would. That’s the difference here. Everything that once belonged to women now belongs to men who say they’re women too.

For example, the owner of Miss Universe was a man who recently decided he would become a woman. Without any sense of irony he recently delivered a speech in his deep baritone voice about how Miss Universe competition would be run and operated by women. The crowd made up entirely of women applauded him.

They’re applauding a man pretending to be a woman and invading women’s spaces, and calling it feminism. And that is why the transgender lobby comes after women and not after men. Because we won’t put up with that shit, but women will. That doesn’t mean women agree with this, but the BLT-123 mafia knows that women are far less likely to vocally object to it for fear of cancellation. Until women simply refuse to participate in this spectacle it will continue.