Boston Autism Pre-School Worker Says Child Who Was Spat On And Assaulted Deserved It Because He Wore A MAGA Hat


Casey Nolan is an autistic early intervention pre-school worker at One Step Early Intervention in Quincy.

Last week someone on Facebook shared a video about a 15 year old kid in Utah who was repeatedly spit on and assaulted by multiple female students for wearing a Trump hat. He refused to fight back but held onto his hat as one of the girls degraded him and spit on him multiple times during an alleged pandemic. You may have seen the video.

Casey shared it on her page along with her thoughts about how the 15 year old boy deserved to get spit on because he wore a Trump hat in a state that Trump won with ease.

Her comments on her friend’s page were troubling, considering her line of work.

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Oh I see. The kids she works with don’t support Trump, therefore they don’t deserve to get spit on and assaulted. Yet. Give them a few years and she’ll be changing her tune though.

She also said that if her own child wore a MAGA hat that she’d pay someone to kick the crap out of them.

“It’s not about politics” might be my favorite lie from these people. If you think for one second they wouldn’t treat Jeb Bush like this then you don’t know politics. The difference is they hate Trump more because he has the audacity to fight at their level. Either way, the people who tried to kidnap Governor Whitmer in Michigan were anarchists who ranted about how they didn’t like Trump, but of course the media reported the opposite because they know dumb people like this will believe it.

Then she justified the assault by pointing out that it was multiple children who assaulted the boy, not an adult.

When this daycare worker isn’t justifying assault and battery on a child she can be found ranting and raving about how woke she is, what it’s like to be black in America, why you need to check your privilege, and how dead cops don’t matter.

Which is funny, because back in the Michael Brown BLM days she was all, “Maybe you wouldn’t get killed if you obeyed the law.”

But I guess now that BLM is trendy we are to assume that she cares about black people getting killed by police. Not only that, she’s so woke that she’s here to lecture other white people about systemic racism which she learned about by reading memes on Vox.

Either way, the fact that a woman who works with autistic children would publicly post that they’re happy to see a child get assaulted because he wore a hat and expressed his political beliefs is troubling. And since this is exactly the kind of person who engages in cancel culture, it would be very ironic if One Step Early Intervention was alerted about her online behavior.


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