Boston Charter School Dean Sends Email That Only White Students Have To Read So They Can Hold Themselves Accountable For Being White


This is Garrett Schwab, the Dean of Students at Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester.

As you know if you read Turtleboy, charter schools are even worse than public schools when it comes to indoctrinating children with communist BLM propaganda. Unlike public schools, which are ultimately overseen by elected school committees, charter schools are accountable to nobody. You can open one if you apply and know the right people, and in Boston the “right people” are always fellow communists.

Earlier in the week a freshman at Boston Collegiate Charter School posted a meme on Snapchat about shooting black people and was rightfully suspended for doing so. However, Garrett Schwab reacted to this student disciplinary event by sending out an email to all students, that only was to be read by those who are “white identifying.” Students of color were told to disregard the email, as it was a way for white kids to segregate themselves and come up with ways they could “effectively hold themselves accountable.”

What do the white kids who didn’t post threats on Snapchat have to hold themselves accountable for? Oh right, nothing. This is just more school sanctioned segregation by race, disguised as critical race theory “affinity groups.”

After that he sent a followup email to faculty apologizing for not going far enough with his segregationist policies.

“I was thinking about my own identity as a white person.”

Of course you were. Critical race theory teaches that your racial identity is the only thing that matters about you. Your personality, culture, hobbies, and family are all supplementary, but none of them matter as much as your race.

He also directs students towards the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, because no school can exist today without having one of those. How else can someone with a nose ring named Elmohands get a job with a degree in Intersectional Equity?

Her school bio reads like something you would see in a Babylon Bee article mocking wokeness.

Noha Elmohands joined BCCS in May of 2020 as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She is a University of New Hampshire and Salem State University graduate. She holds a Masters of Education. At the center of Ms. Elmohands’ passion is the application of intersectional equity. She holds a deep practice of creating community accountability, education, and understanding. She knows that we must complicate the narrative to include each community member, their whole self. Ms. Elmohands knows that to transform the future we have to take a multi-faceted approach to the social issues we face. She understands that students, in the formal and informal sense, are the innovators of tomorrow.

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Prior to that she had another made up job called “Director Of Multicultural Student Affairs” at Simmons College.

My role as Director of Multicultural Student Affairs is to provide support to the student population at Simmons on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Elmohands said. “I also play a lead role in ensuring the success and retention of students from historically and systemically marginalized populations. I continuously work to create a vibrant community where all students feel welcomed, safe to be themselves, and empowered to make change.”

Translation – I drive up the cost of your tuition and do nothing of value in return. Without the racism-industrial complex these people would all be forced to get real jobs. Their worst nightmare would be waking up in a world with no racism.

She also wrote for a website called The Islamic Monthly.

Noha Elmohands was born and raised in New York City. She is a poet and a social justice educator. In her professional and personal life, Noha is actively engaging in the intersectional work of social justice activism. Her current interest and work has been around the taboo intersection of Queerness and Islam. She holds a Masters in Education and therefore, thinks that the key to life is learning.

I wonder who she voted for. It’s a real mystery.

The funniest part about this is watching conservatives Stan for charter schools because they think they’re sticking it to public school teacher unions. Newsflash – charter schools are everything public schools wish they could be but can’t because they’re still somewhat accountable to the public.



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