Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards Destroys Protesters Who Interrupt Kid’s Awards Night


A bunch of kids from Boston were supposed to get an award at the City Council meeting last week for something, but it never ended up happening because a bunch of God awful protesters showed up and disrupted so much that the meeting had to be suspended. In a sane world the protesters would’ve been asked to leave by police and arrested if they chose not to comply. But cities like Boston are afraid of the PR hit they’d take from giving these people exactly what they want – victimization. Getting arrested is so hot right now.

Evidently they were upset because they want Faneuil Hall renamed because it’s named after a guy who owned slaves. I don’t know enough about Peter Faneuil to comment on that and I really don’t care either. All I know is, looking back at history and banning names of people because the things they did or believed in are unacceptable from a modern day perspective is just dumb. And if you want to change the name then there is a process for that. Lobby your City Councilor to put something on the agenda to debate it.

But protesters hate the idea of living in an orderly society. All they want to do is self-victimize and disrupt. It’s why they blocked I-93 a few years ago. Because all those people who had to get to work didn’t matter nearly as much as their “look at me” hissy fit. Luckily Councilor Lydia Edwards wasn’t having any of that.


That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. If you want a public hearing then have your Councilor call for one, and if they don’t then you run for Council and replace them. This is how a democracy works.

When they wouldn’t leave the police asked them to leave, which of course they used to victimize themselves.

“Did you call the cops on us? They have badges and guns!”

Whoa!! Cops with guns? Never thought I’d see the day. Who do these law enforcement officers think they are? Agents of the state who are paid to enforce the law? And I’m sure the police who work the detail at the City Council meeting had to be called there. They weren’t there already.

“These chambers belong to the people. You do not have the right to remove us from a public building.”

This mentality is amazing. So because I pay taxes that go the White House that means I get to have a slumber party with Trump? Sounds legit.

Lydia Edwards represents East Boston and I think some parts of the North End. I don’t really follow Boston politics, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that she leans left because it’s Boston. She clapped back….

Councillor Edwards: “None of my constituents have called me about this issue. Not one.”

Protester: “This is about slavery.”

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Councillor Edwards: “No, this is about you.”

Boom. Roasted.

Councillor Edwards: “You are embarrassing right now. Lydia with a Y, make sure you get it right when you tweet it on social media. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re the only ones to have ever approached us about this.”

Lydia with a Y. Don’t get it twisted. Her job is to respond to constituent concerns, and guess what? Most people in Boston don’t give a shit what that hall is called. They want their roads plowed and their communities to be safe. Ya know, grown up problems. Stuff you don’t have to fabricate outrage about.

One of the mothers of the kids who was supposed to be honored wasn’t happy.

“You just interrupted an event for kids.”

“We are doing this for our children.”

Nah, you’re not doing this for kids. You’re doing it for you. Kids don’t care what Faneuil Hall is called. No one is hurt by a name, and no one is losing any sleep over it, including you. You just like to protest. You like the sound of your own voice. You like to view yourself in a historical context and pretend that you’re some modern day freedom fighter. You’re not. You’re just some chick with a sign who is so devoid of logic and facts that she has to use the only weapon she has at her disposal – volume.

But they got their way because the meeting was cancelled and these poor kids who got all dressed up in shirts and ties had to leave with sad faces.

Sorry kids, you don’t matter. A bunch of fake pastors and some crusty broad wanted to yell things. And that’s exactly what all these “pastors” are. Fake pastors. Real men of the cloth don’t yell and scream at people when they don’t get their way. Real men of the cloth don’t go out of their way to screw over children like this. You’re just a selfish waste of space who got an online pastor degree because you didn’t wanna pay property taxes.


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