Boston City Worker: Meth Mile Drug Addicts Herded Into Cages, Allowed To Use Drugs With No Masks To Prevent COVID Spread 


A concerned Boston city worker is claiming that drug addicts from Meth Mile have been herded like cattle into 60 by 40 foot cages at the corner of of Mass Ave and Melnea Cass, in what the city is calling “comfort stations.” Almost none of them are wearing masks, despite being dirty and dope sick by their very nature, and social distancing protocols mandated by Mayor Walsh are not being adhered to.

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According to our sources this is reportedly the city’s way of hiding the most vulnerable and problematic people, and preventing the spread of disease via panhandling. Those who seek refuge in the cage are reportedly being allowed to use and sell drugs with no consequences, and there are no police or healthcare professionals there. In other words, Marty Walsh has created a Meth Mile Hamsterdam.

While no one was looking the City of Boston appears to have effectively legalized drugs in order to to prevent the spread of COVID. Except if any of these addicts has it then they can easily spread it because they’re literally caged in with other addicts. I reached out to Marty Walsh’s office for comment but have not heard back. It should be noted that the whole purpose of fictional Hamsterdam was to “juke the stats” by having less drug arrests in Baltimore. Except in this case they’re trying to juke the COVID stats.


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