Boston Comedy Club Owner Shuts Down Comedians Mid-Act Because She Was Offended By Their Jokes, Gave Refunds To 4 Paying Customers


Comedy is the last line of defense we have in the culture war, and the only thing standing between fun and humorless PC takeover. Once we’ve lost the ability to make inappropriate jokes and crap on each other in a playful manner we will have officially become a dull and uninteresting society.

In came this woman.

Her name is Courtney Pong, and she’s a social justice warrior from the Boston area who is easily offended by harmless jokes about about relatable every day activities. Naturally then she decided to open a comedy club in Boston called Rozzie Square Theater, and last week she made headlines by going full woke on the comedians hired to perform at her venue.

Universal HubThe owner of a comedy spot in Roslindale shut down a series of stand-up sets last night after, she says, she’d had enough of a string of racist, sexist jokes. Courtney Pong, who owns the Rozzie Square Theater on Basile Street, where she runs improv and lets another group put on stand-up shows, said this morning that the comedian emceeing the 10 p.m. event got off to a bad start by trying to crack a joke about his “segregated” audience – there were two black men in the small crowd of about 17 people, all men.

Not references to race in a comedy show! That’s the kind of topic that used to be permissible when humor and laughs were the primary goal of a comedian. They must’ve missed the memo that the only thing that matters now are the feelings of the people in the audience.

Then, over the next 40 minutes or so, she said she cringe listened to a number of “this bitch” jokes and finally had enough when one guy told a joke about how he couldn’t understand why Uber fired him for making women customers ride in the trunk.

I’ve never seen someone who needs to be put in the trunk of an Uber more than Courtney Pong.

Comedy is supposed to be like sex – unfiltered, dirty, and raw. The entire purpose of it is to get people to laugh. Men can crap on women, women can crap on men, black people can crap on white people, and everyone can crap on BLT-123’s. But social justice warriors have been so ingrained to believe that they should never let their guard down, never relax, and always look for ways to be offended. The entire concept of comedy is foreign to them.

It’s OK to be edgy, as long as you’re funny. A comedian who swears and uses foul language, or is racist or sexist for the sole purpose of being outrageous, isn’t someone who’s going to get a lot of laughs (and probably went to the Shane Hoban school of comedy). No one will pay to see them and they’ll go back to their aspiring rap careers. The market can and will correct itself without Courtney Pong appointing herself the arbiter of what other people are allowed to laugh at.

That, she said, is when she realized, “wait a minute, I own this place.” Sitting at the sound table at the back of the theater, she hit a button that rang a loud bell, walked to the front and announced the night was over and that she would give refunds to the four paying customers – the other 13 people in the room were friends of the performers.

Four paying customers. New record.

“It’s not OK, and it’s not who we are,” she told the audience.

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“Is this a joke or is this part of the act?” one man asked.

The best part was that Courtney Pong was such a parody of woke social justice nonsense that the audience thought it was part of the act.

Pong said she chose Roslindale very deliberately as a site for her 49-seat theater to get away from stuff like this, even though she knows she could have made a lot more money someplace like downtown. She said that she wants a space that is inclusive, not just for audience members, but for comedians, in a business traditionally dominated by men. Pong said there’s a place for subversive humor, but male comedians punching down with “old and tired” domestic-violence jokes are not what she wants in her theater.

Women can joke about men, but men can’t make jokes about women because they’re punching down. Don’t you get it? There’s an oppression meter you have to check before performing there. Black people can make fun of white people but they can’t make fun of the transgender cherokee 4×100 meter wheelchair relay team. Got it?

Luckily it doesn’t appear as if she hires black people, so racial jokes shouldn’t be an issue for the time being.

Those people look hilarious.

“No woman [comedian] in the world would have wanted to stand in that room last night,” she said.

Thank God we have Courtney Thong Song to decide what women find amusing. Thank you for speaking on behalf of people you assume are as humorless and dry as you are Courtney.

She said that after she shut things down, most of the people went across the street to the Napper Tandy’s bar. She said that after she and the one other woman in the place, working the front desk, closed up, she followed them over and talked to the paying customers to explain why she felt she had to close down the performances. She said one of the paying customers was a BC student and that “it broke my heart” to think he might think that punch-down humor like going after women was OK.

“The comedians never acknowledged me,” she said.

Catering your comedy around a BC student who was heart broken from offensive jokes seems like a wise business decision.

Courtney received much woke praise after announcing her decision on Facebook.

Stunning. Brave. Heroic. YASS Queen!

My faith was restored when I saw Courtney Pong getting roundly criticized on Twitter, although there were a few white knights who applauded her for doing the right thing.

It’s not funny if you only go after oppressed groups Hank. It’s funny when the comedian makes the funniest joke possible without pondering whether or not humorless Chad’s like you will approve of it.

Definitely cater your jokes around Margarets sense of humor. She seems wicked fun.

Great point Anna. Comedians should poll the audience first to see if any BLT-123’s or immigrants will take offense to jokes about their subgroups. That’s how comedy works.

Luckily you will still be able to see the uncontroversial stylings of the legendary Joseph Gels.

Whoa dude, save some chicks for the rest of us.

That big bow tie is hilarious though. Must be a hoot to watch him in action. So ironic.

What happened here is the same thing that happened with Bob Murchison and WEEI. Someone decided what other people could find entertaining, not caring if other people enjoyed it. Now WEEI is unlistenable and their ratings have plummeted. This is what the future looks like when you don’t fight back. Get woke, go broke.


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