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Boston Firefighter Arrested For Driving Drunk With 3 Crying Kids In Backseat Also Has Bootleg Clothing Brand Modeled By High Profile Boston Athletes


This is Boston firefighter Sean “Milk” Milliken.


He was previously auctioned off as one of the BFD’s most eligible bachelor’s, and is going for the whole, “I’m white, but I rep Boston and I’m into boxing and flat brimmed caps and I got a lot of tattoos and still give my friends daps so occasionally black people let me use the n word as a pleasantry in conversation” look, despite living in Scituate.


On November 3 at around 4:30 PM in Hanover he was was driving around noticeably drunk with his 3 children in the Target parking lot so someone alerted authorities. When police arrived he was behind the wheel of his car slurring his speech, falling asleep at the wheel, and his kids were crying in the back. He admitted that he had been drinking, and after failing his first sobriety test told the officer “I ain’t doing shit for you.” He couldn’t stand without leaning on something and reeked of alcohol, so they called his brother to pick up the kids and arrested him.

Sources tell us that his license was suspended, but since this was not covered by any local media the fire department is unaware and he’s still driving the fire trucks.

Meek Milk also is allowed to run his own clothing “brand” called “On dawgs,” which appears to be nothing more than Champion brand clothing and the Adidas trademark, on top of trademarked professional sports franchises with the occasional “fuckin” thrown in to show off his creativity.

And since he’s Mr. “born and raised in the streets of Boston” he also sells the high school jerseys of various washed up former Boston area athletes like Scoonie Penn, Dana Barros, Wayne Turner, and Chris Herren.

He’s really into Chris Herren.

As he explained at the 16:30 mark in this interview it was Herren’s idea to sell his Durfee High School jersey, to which he replied, “bro, say less, let’s go.”


Bootleg Johnny Sins has gone on several YouTube shows to explain the creative genius behind his brand.

Granted, most of his gear is just hats with a “Boston” patch sewed onto it, but he’s used his connections in the fire department to get athletes and celebrities including Julian Edelman, Gronk, Danny Amendola, James Develin, David Pastrnak, Charlie Mcavoy, David Krecji, Bob Kraft, Brooks Koepka, and many others, to wear the On Dawgs apparel.




I’m absolutely shocked that a guy like this in the north end hasn’t had Jen Royle model for him. Shocked.

He’s also on billboards.

Big time!

Despite being a first responder he seems to not like the Boston Police, which is why he sells “Boston Police – Boston’s Biggest Gang in Town” shirts.

Probably because they don’t let him drive around drunk with his kids in the car during the middle of the day.



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