Boston Globe Owner John Henry Calls Fake News Article Smearing Patriots “Ridiculous” Even Though It Was Published In His Newspaper 

It looks like Red Sox and Boston Globe owner John Henry has been reading him some Turtleboy, and is attempting to do damage control:

“How ridiculous is the article questioning excitement about the Patriots this week?”


You own the Boston Globe. It was an article published in your newspaper. We called you out for it less than 24 hours ago. You’re married to a radical leftist who doesn’t mind the stigma of everyone knowing that she’s sleeping with you for the payday that will come when you eventually choke in the not so distant future.

Of course you agreed with that column. Until you got called out on it, and then all of a sudden you didn’t.

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See what he’s trying to do here? He’s trying to distance himself from the editorial aspects of the newspaper.

“It wasn’t me who’s so blinded by hatred for Trump that I constantly use my newspaper to try to smear the Patriots for seemingly being more supportive of Trump. It was the idiots I employ!!!”

Hey Dugan Arnett – John Henry just completely trashed your column, after you did exactly what he wanted you to do. How’s that feel?

Better luck next week finding people with “funny tweets” who you can use in your column about going to the gym before feasting during the Super Bowl.


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