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Boston Globe Remains Silent As John Henry Doesn’t Use Mookie Betts Savings To Buy Masks, Jemele Hill Blames Bob Kraft For Saving Lives


The Boston Globe has spent the last few years obsessing over Patriots owner Bob Kraft’s alleged support of Donald Trump, falsely claiming that Kraft got a handy from sex trafficking victims, and obsessively attempting to gain access to the tape of him doing so.

So I’m sure it was quite difficult for them to swallow their pride and write about this.

I should point out how dangerous and ridiculous it is for our country to be dependent on a football team to acquire badly needed medical supplies from the country that started this disease, did nothing to stop the spread of it, and imprisoned the doctor who attempted to alert the world to the danger of it. If anything comes out of this I seriously hope that we reconsider our relationship with this Red China, instead of worrying about whether or not it’s OK to call it the Chinese coronavirus.

You know who hasn’t flown a private plane to China in order to get potentially life saving, limited supplies from the Red Chinese? These two.

One can only assume that Linda Pizzutti and John Henry will get around to it once they’re done having wild, animalistic intercourse. Just looking at those two you can tell that this is a relationship largely grounded in mutual carnal instincts and intense physical attraction. It certainly has nothing to do with his wealth, that’s for sure.

The John Henry owned Boston Globe hasn’t used their platform to question why Henry hasn’t used some of the millions of dollars he saved on the luxury tax when he traded away one of the best young players in baseball, on life saving supplies.

But when the Red Sox and the Globe are owned by the same person, would you expect them to? The Globe is state run media at this point.

Even in Globe columnist Chris Gasper’s compliments to Kraft he had to throw this in there:

The Patriots owner should carry sway with the president. He was one of several NFL owners who donated money to Trump’s inauguration, contributing $1 million. Kraft also famously rode on Air Force One with Trump and dined with the president and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago in 2017. Maybe he can reorient our impetuous presidential wind-up doll in the proper direction.

I guess Chris Gasper will ignore that Kraft is a billionaire who donates to both parties (including Obama), because that’s what rich people do.


But as bad as the Boston Globe is at least they are not Jemele Hill.

Imagine how miserable your life must be to crap on a guy who just potentially saved the lives of hundreds or thousands of people because you don’t agree with his politics. Then again, this is a woman who lost her job at ESPN because she tweeted that anyone who voted for Trump is a white supremacist, then urged ESPN viewers to boycott NFL advertisers who were also advertisers with ESPN.

Jemele Hill, who only got where she is today because she checks off multiple diversity boxes and has the “right” politics, refused to back down despite the epic ratio. Instead she doubled down over and over again. 

Imagine allowing one man to occupy that much space in your head?

This reply says it all.

“This isn’t about politics. This is about life and death.”

That’s what they always do in order to justify being deplorable human beings – act like they’re doing it in the name of saving lives. It’s why they pretend to care about kids in cages, the Kurds (remember them?), and any other deaths they can use to dunk on Trump. It’s OK to take a steamy dump on a man who just flew his plane to pick up over a million life saving masks because that same man is friends with another rich man who we can arbitrarily pin this crisis on.

Meanwhile, what have you done Jemele?

It’s top secret, she can’t say. Plus, Kraft is still at fault because people like him prefer “charitable giving to (instead of) challenging systems of inequity and inequality.”

Ya got that? She’s mad that he donated to a charity that could save thousands of lives instead of fixing “inequity,” or something. These people think they’re the good guys. It’s amazing to watch.

Don’t get her twisted, the donations were nice and all, but people like Kraft are responsible for Trump who is responsible for all these people dying, so Bob Kraft kind of had no choice but to do this because he inadvertently killed a bunch of people.

Thank you for clearing that up Jemele.

Also, we don’t have masks because our state votes democrat. Which explains why democratic governors like Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo have had such nice things to say about his support.

Trump hasn’t handled this situation perfectly, but who would have? Aside from Senators like Tom Cotton who were screaming about the commie cold months ago, almost nobody saw this coming. That includes republicans and democrats, like the hacks who run every major city in the country and urged people to keep going to public events and restaurants.



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