Boston Herald Apologizes For “Racist” Chinese Food Cover Photo After The Globe’s Shirley Leung Feigns Outrage


It wouldn’t be a day of the week if Boston Globe editor Shirley Leung wasn’t looking for something harmless that she could call racist. Earlier in the week it was the plague of white hipsters drinking craft beer.

So if you’re one of those people waiting in line to buy overpriced beer in Charlton, so that you can talk about the overpriced beer you’re drinking, then you’re probably a racist. Go buy a bottle of Hennessy and post it on Facebook to atone for your sins.

In a hilarious act of unintentional comedy Shirley tagged an African-American man she interviewed in the article, only to find out that he thought her coverage was race baiting garbage.

Don’t worry though Garrett, she’s offended on your behalf. And it got by the editor because she is the editor. People actually pay for her to do stuff like this when she’s not harassing WEEI advertisers in an attempt to control personnel decisions at a radio station she chooses to listen to.

Yesterday the Herald’s front page story was about Speaker DeLeo spending nearly $5,000 on Chinese food for State Reps on the clock.

A normal person would be offended that our tax dollars go towards all you can eat crab raccoon for public servants who recently voted to give themselves a 40% pay raise. It makes the democratic speaker look bad, so the Globe had to find a way to take the attention off of DeLeo. Shirley was on it.

I don’t know how they do it, but when you work at the Globe you learn how to make literally anything racist. Governor Baker is in a Chinese food container because they ordered Chinese food. When I order Chinese food it comes in one of those containers and always contains a fortune cookie. The story is literally about Chinese food and the governor is at the center of it. The mental gymnastics you have to perform to reach the conclusion that this is racist is mind boggling.

This is why Shirley Leung has a job. It’s not just that she’s pretending to be offended; she’s also taking shots at a competitor. The Herald is supposed to exist to challenge the Globe’s monopolistic control of the media. The fact that the Globe is calling them racist is a business decision more than anything. Next thing you know she’ll be calling their advertisers and urging them to stop supporting this, just like she did with WEEI.

If the Herald had any integrity they’d stand by the cover image. But because the Herald has turned into a gutless relic of what it once was they elected to apologize instead.

The editor he Herald just implied that his media outlet should censor itself based on the feelings of the editor of their biggest competitor. That about sums up the current state of the Herald.

Just for the record, Uncle Fester here isn’t actually sorry. We know this because he still has a tweet up proudly displaying the cover photo.


He apologized because he’s pandering and naively believes this will appease the mob. He’ll find out in short order that Shirley Leung is never satisfied until people start losing their jobs.

One would think that getting ratioed all the time like Shirley does would make her wonder if maybe she’s overplaying the race card.

But people like her believe that society is generally racist, so getting ratioed comes with the territory. They believe that only enlightened journalists at the Globe can see the big picture here, which is why the only people who agree with her, and the only people she rewteets, are other blue checkmarked journalists and politicians.

This guy……

Random guy on Twitter saying Asian jokes is news to the Boston Globe. The rampant culture of sexual harassment that’s been pervasive at the Globe for decades? Not so much.

Two politicians who agreed with her were former woke congressional candidate Brianna Wu.

She lost miserably in her campaign to primary Steven Lynch in 2018 because this kind of pandering doesn’t play well in the working class 8th congressional district.

The other offended party was City Councilor Michelle Wu.

No one was actually harmed by this. She’s just providing cover for Speaker DeLeo by yelling racism because she knows that gets more attention than reckless government spending. Most Asian people don’t care about this, and these two Asian women certainly won’t speak for the group.

Michelle Wu said that the image was even more racist than it normally would be because of the “politics of division” at play in the country.

In other words, now that Trump is President everything is racist.

The reality is that Asian people are doing better in this country than any other race of people. Whenever the “wage gap” is shared, showing differences in average pay between men and women of various races, Asian men and women are always excluded. That’s because it would show that they make more money on average than white people, and it would completely destroy the left’s narrative that white men are at the top of the food chain.

According to Shirley it’s not just her who’s offended by this; it’s everyone who should be offended by this.

Everyone should walk around looking for a way to be victimized by satire, because that’s what enlightened people do.

The Globe carries water for liberals, which became even more apparent when Speaker DeLeo chimed in.

“I am deeply offended and disgusted by the Herald’s racial and cultural insensitivity.”

No you’re not. You’re just mad that they exposed you for ripping off the taxpayers with all you can eat Lo mein.


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