Boston Latin Teacher Whose Kids Got Into Exam Schools Defends Racist School Committee Members Who Texted Racist Things About West Roxbury Residents During Meeting


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Boston has 3 secondary schools designated as “exam schools” (Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy, John D. O’Bryant), that students have to apply to get into by taking an exam and having a high GPA. The schools are some of the best in the country, and until now entry into these schools was based purely on merit, not zip code or racial identity. As a result of this merit based system the exam schools are disproportionately white and Asian when compared to the overall racial demographics of the Boston Public Schools.

Proponents of critical race theory claim that this is what systemic racism looks like – giving all students equal opportunity to apply and get admitted to an exam school. That’s because CRT preaches that equality (equality of rights and opportunity) is a form of racism, and that institutions should be pushing for equity (equality of outcomes) instead. If 40% of BPS students are black, then 40% of exam school students should also be black.

But critical race theory is really just racial Marxism. Marxism is the belief that there are two classes of people – the oppressed and the oppressors. CRT has substituted white and Asian people as the oppressors, and everyone else as the oppressed. In a Marxist society everyone gets paid the same regardless of qualifications, and in racial Marxism everyone gets into the same schools, regardless of qualifications. White and Asian kids were doing too well on the test, therefore it had to go. Coronavirus was their excuse to get rid of it, but they really have an issue with the fact that it contributes to a merit based system.

The new system had its desired effect – areas of Boston that are disproportionately black and brown like Roxbury, East Boston, Mattapan, and Dorchester, all saw huge increases in the number of accepted students. Whereas areas that are disproportionately white like the Back Bay, Charlestown, Roslindale, and especially West Roxbury, saw drastic decreases in the number of accepted students. All they had to do to fix the exam schools diversity problem was eliminate merit.

“Eco dis” means “socioeconomically disadvantaged.” Last year the Back Bay had 27 kids invited, and none of them were poor (0%). In West Roxbury 9 of the 133 were poor (7%). In one Roxbury zip code 21 of 27 accepted students were poor (78%). Those accepted students were just as qualified as the non-economically disadvantaged kids in West Roxbury and the Back Bay, showing that social mobility is possible in Boston, despite alleged systemic racism.

However, without the exam only 7 socioeconomically disadvantaged kids in West Roxbury got into the schools, as opposed to 9 with the exam. In Charlestown it went from 21 poor kids to 7 poor kids getting in. In Mattapan it went from 9 to 27. So basically the net effect of getting rid of the exams is that poor white kids from places like West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Charlestown lost seats in the exam schools, and those seats were redistributed to poor students of color in places like Roxbury and Mattapan.

Racial Marxism.

Here’s the average GPA of accepted students based on neighborhood.

Students from Roxbury and Mattapan got in despite significantly lower GPA once the exam is no longer factored in to the admissions process.

There was a contentious School Committee meeting about this in October in which School Committee chairman Michael Loconto was heard on a hot mic making racial jokes about the names of black and Asian people. The outrage was loud and he was forced to resign. But he wasn’t the only one saying racist things when he thought no one was listening. At the meeting many parents from West Roxbury voiced their concerns, since they were more affected by this than anyone. While they were doing that School Committee chairman Alexandra Oliver-Davila (AOD) and member Lorna Rivera were texting each other and mocking these parents with racial insults.

“Wait until the white racists start yelling at us,” Rivera texted. 

“Whatever, they’re delusional. I hate WR (West Roxbury).” texted Oliver-Davila. 

“Sick of Westie whites,” River replied. 

“Me too. I really feel like saying that,” AOD texted. 

The same people telling you that “hate” is such a problem, hate everyone they don’t agree with. These are AOD and Rivera’s actual thoughts when they think no one is listening. They “hate” an entire area of Boston because they are white.

If the roles were reversed and two white members said they were “sick of Roxbury blacks,” the Boston Globe and every media outlet in this country would be calling for the heads of the white people who said it. But Globe columnist Marcela Garcia instead wrote this op-ed excusing their racism while presenting them as victims of racism. When I went to follow Marcela Garcia on Twitter she blocked me within seconds, because clearly she knows who I am, and she knows that TB isn’t afraid to call out racists and their enablers at the Globe.

This is the state of our media. They block citizens from reading their thoughts or attempting to voice their opinions about the racism they spew. Why would any member of the media, whose existence and livelihood is dependent on freedom of the press, block anyone from reading what they have to say?

It’s also important to point out that the reporter who put in the FOIA request in January for all text messages sent at the October meeting, received all of the texts except for the racist ones. City of Boston legal counsel Shaun Williams routinely and flagrantly violates federal law by not turning over required materials during FOIA requests, and the state does nothing about it.

I’ve screenshotted excerpts from Garcia’s story since the Globe has a paywall.

“A professor of ethnic studies at UMass Boston.”

Of course. The same people who complain about institutional racism all seem to have well paying jobs that were created out of thin air, specifically because of their race. Almost like they ARE the institutions.

Dr. Ibram Kendi, a multi-millionaire who received $10 million from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the face of critical race theory in this country, also spoke at this meeting.

“Moving testimony.”

That’s how the Globe refers to Kendi’s predictable advocacy for racial Marxism.

The two racist School Committee members claim their racism was taken out of context, and that the publication of their racist text messages was an act of racism itself.

“I felt like it was a strategy to leak the texts at this moment in time. That means someone had those texts for a very long time.”

No, moron. They were withheld by the City of Boston and only recently obtained by the whistle blower. You got 5 months of cover, but it’s gone now.

“I do feel like it’s being weaponized against the equity work we’re doing.”

Translation – my racism is being used against me in order to prevent me from doing more racist work moving forward. “Equity work” is racism. It discriminates against socioeconomically disadvantaged white and Asian students, which the chart above shows. And your words aren’t being “weaponized,” you’re just being held accountable for them.

These are the same people who spent 4 years taking everything Donald Trump said out of context (most famously the “very fine people” lie) and “weaponized” it against him and his supporters. Now they’re big mad because they don’t like it when the other team uses their game plan against them.

Both of the racist members claimed they received threatening and racist messages from West Roxbury residents. Here are some of the horrifying examples.

“Reverse discrimination.”


God forbid anyone point those things out. This is what the alleged rampant racism in Boston looks like.

Marcela Garcia then went on to redefine the word racism, and provided cover for AOD by claiming that her racist comments were the result of racism she experienced from white people as a child in West Roxbury.

She’s the victim here.

They played the “death threat” card, without showing what the death threats were. Don’t worry, Marcela Garcia didn’t ask them to show it.

Finally Garcia ended the column by pointing out that AOD should not resign because she’s Latina.

Because nothing matters more to the pro-CRT crowd than your phenotype. Race is everything.

Self-deprecating white people in West Roxbury and Roslindale also support Rivera and AOD’s racism. Lynn Burke is a teacher at Boston Latin School, where her two daughters are enrolled after qualifying by taking the exam years ago. She went to Harvard and Berkley, and looks exactly as you imagined she would.

Here’s what she had to say.

A teacher in charge of your kids is telling you that white people cannot be the victims of racism. Because she said so. “Period.” According to the CRT crowd, racism was recently redefined to mean “prejudice plus power,” and since white people have all the power they can’t be the victims of racism.

Except Boston has a black female mayor, recently appointed a black female police chief, has a black female DA, a black female congresswoman, and several City Council members who are black women. Therefore it would appear that black people cannot be the victims of racism in Boston, since they ARE the institutions they rail against.

If Lynn Burke’s daughters were among the 60-70 West Roxbury kids who lost their shot at getting into Boston Latin by getting rid of the exam, she would be upset too. But her kids got in, so she got hers, and the rest of the white people complaining are racist.

Other self-deprecating white people like Sara Saperstein, who read White Fragility last summer and has convinced herself that speaking out against racism against white people means she’s “fragile,” chimed in with other excuses.

“Venting to a friend about frustrations with systems of oppression.”

“Venting in a moment of frustration.”

These people are so pathetic. They just try way too hard and they can’t see how silly they look.

Steve Lewis also thought it was OK for elected officials to say they hate an an entire neighborhood because of the amount of white people who live there.

“Can you blame them?”

Yes, I can. It’s really not hard to not be a racist. The lowered expectations from white liberals in regards to people of color has always been the most racist thing about them. Looking forward to Steve’s defense of racism in Texas from white people who don’t like Mexicans because they lost their job to an illegal immigrant. “Can you blame them?”

Rivera resigned shortly after the texts were made public, but AOD was refusing to, presenting herself as the victim. However, after being condemned for it by Michelle Wu and other CRT supporters who  would normally align with her, she realized she had no meaningful support outside of the Boston Globe and resigned.

Nowhere in her resignation letter did she apologize for being a racist, or to the residents of West Roxbury for “hating” them. Instead she victimized herself by claiming to have been targeted with death threats because she is a “Latina gender studies professor who teaches about racism, patriarchy, and oppression.”

Of course she makes a six figure salary to teach gender studies, so that the students who pay her salary are guaranteed to have a degree that can’t get them a job and bury them in debt the rest of their lives. It’s all they know how to do.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey, who normally race baits with the best of them, said that although the texts were pretty racist, she still understood why they said the things they said.

It’s not their fault. It’s white people’s fault. Everything is white people’s fault.

Now there are 2 open seats that must be filled by Latina women. White people need not apply. Because when the cancer that is CRT infects a host, as it has done in Boston, the only thing that matters is what you look like.


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