Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Bans People From Buying Food If They Don’t Have Vaccine ID Card


was It took less than a month if Communist Mayor Michelle Wu being in office for people to start begging for Marty Walsh to come back.

You can now walk into any Boston business with The Plague, polio, Ebola, leprosy, or a horrible cold, but as long as you have a card that proves you took a vaccine which does nothing to stop you from getting a mild cold, then you can enter. Healthy people without it may not. And your 5 year old can’t play with his friends without having his vaccination card on March 1 if you live or spend time in the birthplace of American freedom.

Look at the way these people are talking about the unvaccinated.

“This is not about anyone’s conveniences. I’m not here to fight for your conveniences because fighting for conveniences means you continue to put a burden on us. It is the unvaccinated that are killing us right now,” said Somerville’s outgoing mayor, Joe Curtatone, who said he and the next mayor would seek similar policies in that city.

The guy who tried and failed to sue Kirk Minihane because he did a 20 minute interview with a man he thought was Globe reporter Kevin Cullen, is fueling hatred and contempt for the unvaccinated, accusing them of being murderers. In doing so he is encouraging mob justice and violence towards them. Under no circumstances should you comply with anything he wants.

The City of Boston will now require you to show vaccination ID to buy a sandwich or exercise, and the people making you do that are also telling you that it’s racist to require voter ID. Will there be mandatory vaccination card checks at the polling places? Black people are disproportionately unvaccinated. Why is this woman, who isn’t from Boston, creating laws that perpetuate institutional racism?

How did someone like Michelle Wu, with no ties at all to the city, become Mayor of Boston? First the 36 year old carpetbagger moved here from Illinois so she could graduated from Harvard Law School in 2012. Then she used her privilege to get propped up by her law school professor Elizabeth Warren and a non-profit called Emerge Massachusetts, which grooms communist females with no qualifications to obtain political office.

Now this woman with no ties to the city, whose only ambition is power, is using this power to destroy businesses that have been in Boston since before she was born.

When the vaccine first came out I said I’d probably get it but wasn’t in a rush and wouldn’t wait in line for it. But now I would never get it under any circumstances. I refuse to comply with people who talk to me like this:

I refuse to put something in my body when you can’t show me data that proves it’s worth my time. Blue states with more restrictions all have much higher rates of COVID than red states.

The man who won the Presidency by lying to the American people about “crushing” the virus” has had more deaths and cases, despite the existence of a vaccine.

There is no reason for vaccine mandates since cities that have instituted them have higher rates of transmission than states that don’t.


It’s clear at this point that the vaccine does not stop the spread of COVID. The entire NHL, which is 100% vaccinated, has COVID. The Brooklyn Nets can’t play because their entire vaccinated team has COVID. Three NFL games were moved due to COVID outbreaks amongst vaccinated players. Cory Booker and Liz Warren both are vaccinated and boosted, and both have the virus. We have to normalize having COVID like we normalize having any cough, because that’s all it is for those of us who aren’t morbidly obese or on death’s door already.

Just three weeks ago Michelle Wu signed a climate change bill, which will do absolutely nothing to stop the warming of the planet, because she allegedly believes in science. She was surrounded by politicians who were wearing masks while doing so.

Literally minutes later she posed for a picture with Ed Markey, Lydia Edwards, and Matt O’Malley without masks on.

It was even in the same post. None of these people knows the first thing about science. They’re just authoritarians who like to control you.

During her press conference today protesters could be heard yelling over her as she said there was “nothing more American than coming together to ensure that we are taking care of each other.”


  • What she’s describing is socialism, which is inherently un-American
  • Vaccine mandates don’t help us “take care of each other,” as can be seen in all the data above
  • There is nothing more American than protesting and refusing to submit to what she is attempting to do now

The most disturbing part of that video how enthusiastically the masked and vaccinated sheep around her clapped in order to drown out legitimate descent from people who are concerned about liberty and freedom.

If I was vaccinated I would refuse to show it anywhere in order to show solidarity with the unvaccinated. I will not participate in a racist, discriminatory, immoral system. I am fully prepared to not be able to fly on a plane, go to bars and restaurants in communist controlled areas, and be banned from concerts and large events. And I definitely will not be doing business in Boston again, except at businesses that refuse to follow this racist, discriminatory, unscientific edict. I feel bad for these businesses, but at some point you have to take a stand. If you’re still living in a communist controlled area then that’s your choice, but you don’t have to be there. Tactical retreat is not the same thing as defeat. Move to a red area and make it redder.



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